Airports Around The World To Promote Autonomous Technology

Airports Around The World To Promote Autonomous Technology

Aberdeen Standard Investment’s AIPUT (Airport Industrial and Property Unit Trust) Fund has published a report that describes how autonomous transport and logistics technologies at airports have made great strides.

This technology is used at all airports in the UK, including London Heathrow; AIPUT owns 2 million sqft of buildings at Heathrow and supports logistics and freight at the airport.

The report examines how freight transport, logistics, and passenger transport from and to airports can be made more efficient in automated transport.

Nick Smith, director of the AIPUT Foundation said, “Autonomous technology promises great benefits for airports and service companies that support them, transforming operations at airports, increasing the efficiency and safety of airport users and passengers.

“In Gatwick, for example, 90% of the air-side vehicles that are at the airport are stationary at the same time, which is extremely inefficient and occupies a huge space, and a significantly smaller number of autonomous electric vehicles will notably reduce costs, reduce emissions and improve safety as well.”

“In Düsseldorf, the new automated parking system showed the reduction of 60% parking requirement in contrast to human drivers.”

Adoption of autonomous technology has already started at different airports. The first test of an automatic air-side vehicle was performed out at Heathrow in collaboration with Oxbotica and IAG Cargo.

Gatwick was the first airport in the world to experience the use of autonomous vehicles to transport personnel at the airfields, demonstrating that autonomous vehicles can operate safely in very difficult aerodrome conditions.

The Norwegian winter tested autonomous vehicles in such a way that only Norway could do so; at the Fagernes airport, an autonomous snowplow was tested with a single machine that could clear an area of 68 hectares per hour. Autonomous technology improves the accuracy of plowing, increases safety during snow removal, and eases driving in the case of snow formation and low visibility.

The British Government announced an investment of £22.4 Million to develop off-road autonomous vehicles, which should improve performance in various sectors, including airports.

Lyft And Uber Terminated Driver Of For Live Streaming Passenger On Twitch With Out Their Consent

Lyft And Uber Terminated Driver Of For Live Streaming Passenger On Twitch With Out Their Consent

The driver photographed and sent his passengers and his interactions with him on Twitch, a service that is often used for streaming video, according to the report of St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The newspaper reported that the fever sometimes indicated the full names and places of residence of the passengers, as well as intimate moments and personal conversations.

Meanwhile, the public will comment on their speeches and conversations.

But here is the turning point; it is completely legal despite the ethical problems related to the personal inviolability of the passengers.

This is owing to Missouri’s so-called known one-way consent, in which a participant in the conversation must know that the record is taking place to make it legal.

However, the report draws attention to the fact that the two companies in the investigation have disabled the driving accounts.

In a statement, an Uber representative said, “Disruptive behavior in the video violated its community’s protocol owing to which driver’s access to the application was withdrawn until we evaluate the partnership with Uber.”

Alexandra LaManna, a Lyft representative said, “The safety and comfort of the Lyft community is our highest priority and we’ve disabled this driver.”

In an earlier statement, Lyft noted that drivers must mandatorily obey all the applicable local regulations and laws, including the use of a recording device.”

Uber also notes a similar policy on its website, stating that its drivers can use video cameras to record for their own safety, subject to local rules requiring rider’s permission.

In response to the overall recording and live streaming, the driver said the camera was installed for his security reasons along with the consent on the window stating that the car is integrated with audio and video recording devices for safety purpose. However, while talking with the passengers who were fed live after entering the car, stated that they didn’t like the whole concept of live streaming and felt it quiet disturbing.

Medical Testing Company LabCorp Hit By A Ransomware Attack

Medical Testing Company LabCorp Hit By A Ransomware Attack

The leading medical diagnosis and testing laboratory in the last weekend faced a large-scale cyber attack, which could leak personal information of patients.

LabCorp is one of the world’s largest players for testing domestic laboratories and has impact on about half of the US population.

LabCorp has been attacked using ransomware, which is software hackers used to access data, and then asked payment under threat of disclosure or to prevent victims from accessing data.

Tiffany Scott, Wiggins Family Practice nurse, says, “I’d say I have about 20 patients using LabCorp.

Tiffany says patients should be suspicious for providing personal information to large companies.

“It’s a little scary, I mean, especially if there are patients who are involved in legal issues,” says Tiffany. “There are many people who can get a lot of information and these things are classified.”

Tiffany says her patients can choose where they want their results, including local hospitals.

“We give them their slip, and the patient can choose where they want to do their labs test at,” Tiffany said.

Majority of the people use LabCorp owing to their work requirements or insurance.

Jerry Scott, sterile process engineer at Baptist Health says, “Hospital work is stern and this also applies to patient confidentiality. You know, if you close breach that agreement, you lose confidence in the company.”

Whether it is drug testing, blood sampling, or any other testing, local hospitals offer the same services as LabCorp.

Jerry says his doctor recommends that local hospitals should be used for testing, as they are less targeted at cyber attacks. “Dr. Wiggins specifically asked me to go to the hospital, not to these places,” he says.

LabCorp informed its employees that it did not actively inform customers, but worked to counter to definite customer requests.

More Than 1000 Crypto-projects Are Lifeless At Current

More Than 1000 Crypto-projects Are Lifeless At Current

According to the recently published report of TechCrunch, over a thousand encryption projects are already “dead” on June 30, 2018. The information is based on the data from two sites, DeadCoins and Coinopsy.

Coinopsy offers daily reviews of various crypto-coins, including those that are already departed. It defines a “dead” token, in the case of following no nodes, website dead, low volume, abandoned, no social updates, scammed, no nodes, wallet issues, or developers have left the project.

According to the list of Coinopsy, till the time, there are 247 dead coins. These include the infamous Bitconnect, which was closed in January 2018 and described by the site as the most successful cryptocurrency with Ponzi scheme.

DeadCoins has a long list of 830 cryptocurrencies that are called as dead. Among them is the Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services ICO that was evaded by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and was closed due to counterfeit practices.

According to an SEC press release, Titanium managed to bag $21 Million from investors in the US and other countries. In its statement, the SEC warned investors that ICO is an extremely risky form of investment.

As reported by Cointelegraph, on Friday the ICO volume reached 13.7 Billion. In 2018, which is twice as compared to the market valuation in 2017. According to the report, the dead and scam ICO raised over $1 Billion in 2017.

On June 21, Adena Friedman, CEO of Nasdaq warned that investment in ICOs might lead to serious risks for small investors, claiming that projects that raise funding by this methods have an unclear oversight in business.

In early June, crypto-evangelist John McAfee told him to stop endorsing ICO owing to alleged SEC threats.

Texas Instruments CEO Brian Crutcher Resigns For Violating The Code Of Conduct

Texas Instruments (TI), a technology company from America, recently announced that Brian Crutcher, CEO of the company, has resigned from his post. Reportedly, the reason behind this resignation is said to the violation of the code of conduct of the company that was related to the personal behavior.

However, the company spokesman refused to explain the nature of the violation and if it was related to a personal relationship or any other issue. Crutcher had served the company for more than two decades before taking up the responsibility of a CEO.

The company also announced that Richard Templeton, Chairman of the company, will take charge of the president and CEO positions. Also, TI explained that the recent appointment of Templeton is not a temporary one, and the board is not in search of the replacement. As per the recent reports, TI faced a 2% fall in shares after-hours trade on Tuesday. In this year, the stock had successfully climbed more than 10% so far.

On a similar note, earlier last month, TI had partnered with the Department of Science and Technology and announced that the partnership will be introducing DST–TI India Innovation Challenge Design Contest (IICDC). This contest was intended for the engineering students.

As per the contest, the winning teams were supposed to get a fund of about Rs 8.2 Crore from Texas Instruments and DST. The company also proclaimed that Indian engineering students will be offered with an opportunity to grab more than 15,000 certificates during different stages of the contest.

Texas Instruments had proclaimed that the registrations were opened on June 20, 2018. The company also stated that the registration is open till August 31, 2018. It also introduced a committed TI-IICDC page on MyGov portal.

IFFCO Rolls Out E-Commerce Website For Farmers

IFFCO Rolls Out E-Commerce Website For Farmers

IFFCO, the fertilizer major, has associated with Singapore-located tech company iMandi to begin an e-commerce website for farmers with almost Rs 80 Crore worth investment. An e-commerce applications, dubbed as “IFFCO iMandi,” has been rolled out that will supply to 5.5 Crore farmers already linked with the organization. A web platform has also been designed.

IFFCO eBazar Ltd., subsidiary of IFFCO, has taken 26% share in iMandi Pte Ltd. The rest of the 74% is with some other investors including I-tech Holdings. “After leading the campaign all over India to sensitize the farmers about the employment of digital and online payments, we are proud to surface with an application ‘IFFCO iMandi.’ It is an ultimate stop for agri inputs, electronics, FMCG, insurance, and loans,” U S Awasthi, Managing Director at IFFCO, claimed to the media in an interview.

iMandi will deal with all requirements of the farming society and plans to supply to captive consumer base of 55 Million farmers, he claimed further. The app was rolled out this week in Chandigarh. Founder of iMandi Pte, V K Agarwal, claimed that almost USD 12 Million has already been pumped in to roll out this portal and app while more USD 18 Million will be added to include additional features, comprising the facility for farmers to trade their products.

“We are aiming to reach gross merchandise value (GMV) of USD 5 Billion in the coming 2 Years,” he claimed. iMandi is obtainable at App Store and Play Store for download for iOS and Android handsets and also available on web at their official website.

On the same note, Marketing Director at IFFCO, Yogendra Kumar, claimed that in the near future farmers will also be capable of selling their product at the best prices online. The Delhi-located IFFCO has 35,000 members in its society. The organization posted an income of Rs 20,787 Crore in the previous fiscal. It made almost 8 Million Tons and traded 10.3 Million Tons of fertilizers last year.

Netflix Share Plummets As Subscription Growth Lose Pace

Netflix Share Plummets As Subscription Growth Lose Pace

Wall Street has been counting on the number of subscribers of Netflix, which has given it an extreme disappointment. The rate at which the organization was progressing has depleted remarkably, which has also slipped the shares by 14%.

Between April and June, only 5.2 million users have opted for the paid subscription. However, with the addition of the latest shows like 13 Reasons Why, Lost in Space, and Jessica Jones from Marvel, Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S was expecting the number of subscriptions to be more than 6 million.

In a letter to the shareholders, Netflix stated that the 2nd quarter was good but failed to live up to the expectations of the expert analysts. The letter also mentioned that the forecast was more than the reality, which has led to this scenario. Netflix stood in the second position for being the most robust performer on the index of S&P 500. The shares of the company had grown 109%, contributing to the steep hike in the index.

Netflix was at $400.48, which dipped down to $343.60.  The Chief Executive Officer of Patriarch, a private equity firm, Eric Schiffer stated that the 2nd Quarter has been disastrous which will also negatively affect the upcoming evaluations.

On the contrary, Wall Street is highly hopeful about the future of the video streaming giant. It believes that with the exponential rise in the demand for this trend, the positive prospect of the business is inevitable. The company is also not stepping back from acquiring a maximum number of paid subscribers. It has planned to spend $2 billion and $8 billion for marketing and programming respectively.

The experts had speculated an addition of 1.19 million subscribers from the US market, which was not met and got stuck at 670,000 users. However, Netflix is hopeful and satisfied with its progress and looks forward to gaining more customers over time.

Google Extends Its Placement Services To The UK

Google Extends Its Placement Services To The UK

Google has revised its recruitment services and has extended it to the UK as well. Apart from the global sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn, it will be available to the local versions like, Guardian Jobs, Reed, and Haymarket.

The latest facility will enable the aspirants to seek the relevant jobs as per the jobs posted, location, and the necessary terms mentioned on the job searching window. However, a few of the experts believe this tie-up may end up with negative results. Initially, Google won’t charge a penny from the sites which will conjugate with it.

Currently, the users will have to click on the individual jobs posted by the third-party sites to be able to apply. The experts are also expecting the said arrangement to change with time.

The Editor of a renowned magazine People Management, Robert Jeffrey, stated that Google is the most seamless path to the internet. The popularity of the US tech giant has compelled the other job service portals to be a part of this elaborate platform. It may also charge for the premium services.

The Google for Jobs is already available in the countries like the US, a few portions of Africa, and Spain that aids in seeking the most appropriate jobs for the aspirants. Google has conjugated with numerous smaller firms along with the renowned job listing sites.

Joy Xi, the Product Manager, stated that this deal will enable the job seekers to search for jobs on an elaborate platform while the employers will get an opportunity to reach the most relevant candidate. There are other advantages associated with the latest facility. The smart search presented by Google ensures the job seekers select the most relevant option after filtering through numerous options. On the other hand, indeed, the giant job portal has refused to share the information with the site.

Earth Might Be Hiding A Quadrillion Tons Of Diamond Beneath The Surface

Earth Might Be Hiding A Quadrillion Tons Of Diamond Beneath The Surface

There have been reports suggesting that more than quadrillion tons of diamonds may be present inside the earth’s core. This study was published by the journal Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems in June suggesting that Earth might have possession of diamonds a thousand times more than it previously thought. Although, they are said to be located about 145 to 240 kilometers (90 to 150 miles) deep inside the earth surface, which makes the stash unreachable. They are said to be located in a huge section of rocks which is also called as roots of cartons.

A researchers’ group from various universities around the globe found out the presence of glitzy stash by looking at seismic waves below the earth. Depending upon the density, composition and temperature of rocks that the seismic waves hit, the vibrations can change. The researchers use the readings to build a picture of the Earth’s interior that cannot be reached. Using the records of seismic wave energy, the team designed a 3D model of velocities of seismic waves passing through the earth’s major cartons. The virtual rocks were created from different combinations of various minerals and the speed of seismic waves was calculated inside each of these combinations. It was found that 1 to 2% of these roots were made up of diamonds, while the rest was made up of peridotite which is the main type of rock in upper mantle of the earth. But the researchers also said that the data they found was best explained by diamond but they cannot say this with absolute certainty.

If this data, by any chance is true, then the most precious mineral isn’t that special after-all. The mineral that humans use to profess love because of its uniqueness, might not be unique. However, the probability to reach out for diamonds that deep is quite low.

After Rejection Of £50 Million Offer By Chelsea, Barcelona Places £60m For Willian

After Rejection Of £50 Million Offer By Chelsea, Barcelona Places £60m For Willian

Chelsea rejected a deal of £50 Million for Willian, over which Barcelona responded with a new deal, adding more £10 Million to the previous offer.

According to Simon Jones of MailOnline, Blaugrana offered an initial amount of £55 Million, along with £5 Million in addition.

Barca tries to improve their attack options as they believe that their team still does not have a higher quality in depth and style of attack.”

The Catalan won Copa del Rey and the La Liga in the previous year, but missed on Antoine Griezmann in this summer when he decided to stay with Atlético Madrid.

A spectacular campaign with blues showed that Willian comeback with 12 assists and 13 goals in all competitions. Squawka Football provided the figures for the impressive results he produced during the season:

At World Cup he was bet on the right line of Brazil, with Philippe Coutinho, Neymar, and Marcelo on the left, he had a relatively quiet tournament in Russia. However, he impressed with the victory over Mexico with a score of 2:0 and played a key role in the excellent command team.

Willian is a hard-working, strong, and trustworthy player and he would probably be a good candidate at Ernesto Valverde in Camp Nou, where positions and style can now be found equally.

The Brazilian turns 30 when the new season starts and £60 Million is a huge amount to pay for, in the current market. If Chelsea continues to charge a higher rate, Barca should consider a cheaper option that can provide a comparable return.

Heading to prime focus of the sport, every eye of the footballer lover now looks on the World Cup Finale. After some unexpected results, Croatia and France are gearing up to snatch away the cup to their home.