XRP Declines By 90% In Compared To Its Highest Price In 2018

XRP, the third largest market capitalization in the cryptocurrency world, fell on Tuesday at its lowest price in 2018.

Shortly after Monday’s close, the cryptocurrency fell for the first time since December 12, 2017, to $0.27 cents, according to CoinDesk price information. XRP was last seen at $0.2705, down 2.95% since opening day.

At the press time, XRP was one of the biggest losers of the top 10 crypto-coins by market capitalization, and reports a loss of 36% in 7 days, according to CoinMarketCap data. Individual market capitalization also fell by more than $5.4 Billion, during this period.

Ripple had the largest share of profits in the last year, and 92% lower than the record of $ 3.75. According to pricing information from CoinDesk, XRP was functioning at $ 0.16 cents exactly a year ago, some of which speculated on further price declines.

Cryptocurrency XRP is among many networks to see decreasing values during Monday’s session. Such known cryptos, include bitcoin cash, ether, and Cardano, with recorded losses of more than 7% to 12% in just 24 Hours.

The total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies declined by almost $ 14 Billion from the peak of $214.4 Billion yesterday and is currently just over $200 Billion, according to the data showed by CoinMarketCap.

Litecoin has also witnessed a drop in the present year. It fell by 8.78% compared to its previous year. The drop point was the lowest in the present year. Some of the other cryptos such as eos and ethereum had to witness a drop of 7.96% and 6.89% respectively. At present, there has been no show of positive revival. Leading crypto, bitcoin had also got its numbers lowered; it dropped by 4.86% in last 24 Hours period.

These Startups Are Using Processing In Flash Memory For Artificial Intelligence At The Edge

These Startups Are Using Processing In Flash Memory For Artificial Intelligence At The Edge

Two startups that include Syntiant which is based in California and Mythic which is based in Texas seem to be on the same page here, in case of using the flash memory. Both the startups believe that they can use the embedded flash memory in order to greatly reduce the large amount of power that is actually needed to perform some deep-learning computations. And as it seems, both of them can be right in this case. Many companies are now planning on delivering chips to accelerate the deep learning applications which are inherently difficult and involve a significant amount of effort.

Since all these solutions are created because of the shape of the problem in the picture, it is of no surprise that they are similar to a certain degree, as per Dave Fick, who is the founder and also works as the CTO at Mythic.

This problem is actually shaped like some sort of traffic jam of data, when it is executed in a CPU. And the major energy expenditure as far as deep learning is concerned is the ability to move the weights which denote the strength of the connections that are formed in a neural network, in order to represent the same digitally at the right time and in the right place.

Kurt Busch, CEO at Syntiant, said that their company’s approach is about eliminating the memory power penalties along with the memory bandwidth by doing the computation in the memory. The company Mythic is also working on a similar strategy for the accomplishment of a similar result.

But while the companies appear to be completely on the same page, it seems that there are some major differences as well. One of the major ones is the difference between the target customers of the companies along with the difference in the applications.

This Pterodactyl Fossil Estimated To Be The Oldest One Found Till Date

This Pterodactyl Fossil Estimated To Be The Oldest One Found Till Date

The paleontologists have recently discovered pterodactyl fossils which are considered to be the oldest ones ever found. The fossils have been found in the Utah desert. These are not the remains of some dinosaur species rather these are the fossils of a new flying species, which is indeed an achievement from the paleontologists’ perspective. The fossils are said to be of a strange bird that used to circle above the desert nearly 210 million years ago and the bird had huge fangs and a five-foot long wingspan as well. The scientists have even suggested that this creature, whose fossils were found, must have been the first ever flying vertebrate that ever lived on this planet, based on a study that was released on Monday.Earlier, the researchers used to believe that the first flying vertebrate existed at a different time, but this new discovery has pushed back the period by as many as 65 million years, all the way back to the Triassic period. This new specimen of the pterodactyl species, which are also called as pterosaurs by the scientists, is now named Caelestiventus Hanseni, which means ‘heavenly wind’ in Latin. This animal is said to have lived at the same time of the dinosaurs. The study that was released also noted that these specimens are very well preserved. The fossils also consist of a skull which is almost completely intact. This is said to be a remarkable discovery by the experts in the field.

Until this discovery, there were just 30 of these Triassic pterodactyl specimens on the planet and most of the fossils were only a single bone. Another important fact to be noted here that none of these pterosaurs that were discovered earlier in the form of fossils ever lived in the deserts. This means that these were widely spread across the entire planet and these could live comfortably in different environments.

Triple M Just Got Approved For The Sale Of Recreational Marijuana

Triple M Just Got Approved For The Sale Of Recreational Marijuana

Triple M, which is the first and only medical marijuana business in Plymouth has many reasons to rejoice. One of the most important reasons is that the business just received the state certification for the operation of a medical marijuana store which will be at the same location. On Thursday, three licenses were approved for Triple M, which are related to the sale of medical marijuana, after the state Cannabis Control commission met and voted in Boston.

The business, Triple M, is located at 9 Collins Ave. The three licenses that were granted to the company are for the cultivation, selling, as well as the processing of the medical marijuana. The zoning board of appeals in the town has also approved this special permit.

Kevin O’Reilly, who is the Chief Operating Officer at Triple M, said that the recreational store would be open for the people in the month of October, after finishing the pending work related to the modification of the building. The business has been operating the medical marijuana business at the mentioned site since the month of February, after its doors opened for the certificate holders of medical marijuana.

This new business is expected to bring even more money for the town through the host agreement done by the company. Triple M already pays $100,000 to Plymouth as a part of the host agreement of the company along with $106,000 as a part of the property taxes. O’Reilly also said the town already gets 3 percent of the state taxes on the recreational marijuana and another 3 percent is given by the company making it 6 percent in total.

Speaking of marijuana, the medical marijuana which is used by cancer patients or others generally needs more of a psychoactive component called as THC. This THC is used more in the medical marijuana but relatively lesser in the recreational marijuana.

Blue Whale-Akin Challenge Making Its Attendance On WhatsApp

In the newest example of social media incorrectly influencing teens and children, the suicide in Argentina of a 12-year-old teen is reportedly being connected to something dubbed as the Momo challenge. Being a social media account on Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube, Momo is employing the image of Mother Bird (a horror artwork) by Link Factory to tempt curiosity among kids, challenging them to interact with an unknown number, the media reported.

The creepy account seems to be linked to 3 numbers in Mexico, Japan, and Columbia. If a consumer refuses to follow the orders in the game, Momo bullies them with violent pictures. According to cybercrime experts, Momo challenge is nothing but a fraud that is intended for stealing data.

Speaking of cybercrime, cybersecurity start-up Darktrace employs AI (artificial intelligence) to fight cybercrime against companies.

“It is clear that we are now in the middle of a cyberarms race, and the battleground is going to be within network of each company and we are going to witness a battle against algorithms,” claimed Nicole Eagan, CEO and co-founder at Darktrace, to the media in an interview.

“We are going to see hackers beef up their artificial intelligence and mathematical algorithms and we are going to witness the defenders performing the same. And this is going to possibly carry on for some time period. We anticipate in fact that is going to get even worse before it turns better.”

The answer to dealing with such dangers is AI. “The AI technology by Darktrace is software that can operate in a corporate network, in a cloud, in a power facility, or in a manufacturing plant floor,” claims Eagan. Users normally ink a multiyear subscription that comprises the AI cyberdefense tool as well as authorization to experts from Darktrace. It deals with dangers from hackers gaining authorization to computer networks of the company though internet linked devices to upset firm insiders employing their position to take benefit of firm’s networks.

iPhones Don’t Hear Your Conversation’, Claims Apple

Few days ago, the members of HECC had issued the letter to the Apple after the reports that claimed iPhones along with the other devices like smart speakers are able to hear and record human conversations. However the company has responded to the allegations of those representatives by claiming that iPhones don’t hear to the conversations of the people and don’t share it with the third parties.

The Cupertino giant also tried to explain to the authorities that their customers aren’t the product of the company and the company’s business model doesn’t support the collection of personal information of the customers. In the letter, the authorities had particularly mentioned the reports that the apps of third parties were able to collect the information from its data devices when triggered with the hot words like ‘Okay Google’, ‘Hey Alexa’, and ‘Hey Siri’.

Even the Facebook was accused of the same in the congressional hearing in the month of April where Gary Peters, a senator asked Zuckerberg whether those social media platforms hear the conversations of the people and feed the ads accordingly. To which the chief of Facebook answered that they don’t and called these ideas as the conspiracy theories. Apple said that even if their devices help their users in their daily lives, they don’t listen to people.

Apple also claimed that what an iPhone understands is just the two trigger words ‘Hey Siri’. When the user triggers its voice assistant, it confirms at the first place whether its user really wants to use the feature and anything that he asks will be attached to the any device identifier randomly and not with the Apple ID. The device identifier can be changed by the user by switching the Siri off and again switching it on. In its letter to the authorities, Apple also gave away some information regarding the handling of the location information.

Papa John’s Founder’s Racially Insensitive Remark Caused Sales To Decline By 10.5%

It is said that words once said cannot be taken back. How Papa John’s might be wishing right now that they may be able to roll back time to prevent a calamitous comment from their founder. The company’s founder, John Schnatter, caused his own company’s undoing, as his “irresponsible and inexcusable comments” have ensured that their sales have plunged by 10.5 percent, as stated by the current CEO Steve Ritchie during a conversation with analysts. Executive and shareholders of Papa John’s should be bracing for a storm in the foreseeable future.

Schnatter had been ruffling many feathers for quite some time, going back to November’s earnings call last year, where he was critical of the NFL, which has Papa John’s as its sponsor, saying that it was soft on players who were kneeling during the national anthem before the games. The act of kneeling had gained much mileage, as the players were united in the protests concerning police brutality against colored people. However, the final nail in the coffin might have been his use of the N-word during a conference call in May.

Schnatter had stepped down from the CEO position last December, but had to give up his Chairman post as well in July, as his comments from May came to light. The company endured a greatly underperforming second quarter, and thus had to drastically lower its yearly forecast. The sales expectations for stores that are open for at least the year ahead may fall between 7 to 10 percent, against earlier estimations of not more than 3% fall in sales. Schnatter is still on board as the Director, and owns 30% of Papa John’s shares. Ritchie said that he hoped that the company would tread a new path from this moment onwards and take the brand ahead.

Meanwhile, players in the NFL are standing united over President Trump’s National Anthem policy, with Green Bay Packers’ quarter-back Aaron Rodgers speaking out against Mr. Trump, saying that if it was up to him, he would not hesitate in muting out Trump’s voice. Trump has been a frequent critic of the protests by players, as well as the league’s handling of the players. Rodgers and some other players have been at the receiving end of fan’s ire over the protests, but he reiterated that they were not against the nation’s military, but their protest is all about equality, unity and love.

YouTube App Material Design Is Not Sufficient For Apple TV, What More?

The design language referred to as “Material Design” by Google is what the developers have considered while updating the YouTube App for Apple TV, that is been actively used since 2014. A lot of Android apps, which as the most prominent applications like drive, Docs, and Sheets, have implied the machine design, and it finally covered YouTube App for Apple TV in February 2018.

However, it was quite unfortunate that the YouTube app designed by ignoring the whole concept of inertia rather use the touchpad of remote control like a usual directional pad, just like a video game remote control.

And this thing leads to the inconsistency and unresponsive. You generally require to just swiping left or right to rewind or forward it, but when you are using YouTube app, what you just do is to press again and again to do the intended use.

A lot of times, working with the same design in all across different platforms creates a great user experience. When you have used a device on one device, you have the know-how of working with it on any other platform as well.

The issue here is that all the devices are not built in the same way. Few of the systems like Android and iPhone devices depends on touch controls and other devices like PCs use mouse and keyboards for inputs, and even there are devices which work best with voice controls like the streaming devices.

It is a high time for Google to understand the features of Apple TV which makes it different than other when it is planning to design/re-design the YouTube app for it. Apple TV is creating a huge impact on effective and efficient user experience with the introduction of inertial functionality in their remote control.

Google and YouTube have done at par excellent job with material design, now they just require to work on flexibility.

Facebook Dating Making Things More Genuine With 5 Gender Options

Facebook Dating Making Things More Genuine With 5 Gender Options

In recent days, Facebook has come up with more new features and updates in their existing system to make the user experience more interactive and relevant. Recently the social media giant introduced features like managing the time spent on social media platform and venture into making money through WhatsApp. Facebook is now taking steps in making the Dating app relevant and a place to find a serious relationship by selecting the desired gender choice among 5 introduced.

As per sources, the Social networking giant is recently testing its newly created dating feature within the organization. The new rollout, though, will not going to be accessible like an independent application but will be offered as a special section in the primary app of social media platform. Right now, testing is being executed by the employees of Facebook internally.

In addition to this, the newest invention of the social media giant venturing in the online dating, this seems to be more effective in finding more genuine partners instead of just flings. The users who have participated can turn on the new feature, where only the users who have also activated the feature just as you can see you and vice versa. Along with this, the participants now have the ability to select the one from 5 different genders, like a man, Trans man, Trans woman, woman and non-binary people.

The users can also activate events or group inside the Facebook Dating to create and build a more social environment. There is no involvement of features like swiping; participants are allowed to directly send messages to each other over Messenger or on WhatsApp.

The app will make the matches as well depend on the data shared by the users on Facebook. For now, only the users who are at least 18 years or more can register on Facebook Dating.

AAP Urge Parents To Stop Microwaving & Dishwashing Plastic Containers

AAP Urge Parents To Stop Microwaving & Dishwashing Plastic Containers

The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) is looking forward to making some serious federal food safety rules, especially in the case of children. The committee warned parents and guardians to avoid dishwashing and microwaving of plastic containers that have the hazardous chemicals.

As per a published report last week, the medical experts found a lot of proofs of chemicals present in food color, food packaging materials as well as in preservatives.

Lead author, Leonardo Trasande, shared with USA Today, “The report does not only have the secured and required measures that the medical professionals should talk about with the families and parents, but it as well as the step and precautionary measures that FDA should consider, as well as the manufacturer should as well consider, to limit the use of chemicals as much as possible to avoid any health hazard for the young ones.”

As per the AAP, the most significant thing which the parents should look into is that heating plastic containers and bottles in microwave increase the possibilities of leaking the harmful chemicals.

As per the report, plastic containers with recycling codes such as 3 that is used for phthalates, or let it be 6 that is referred for bisphenols and/or if it is 7 dedicated for bisphenols should be completely ignored. Stainless steel or Glass containers reported safe for using in place.

Megan McSeveney, press officer, shared with USA Today that the United States’ FDA department is analyzing the report outcomes. She also shared a point that utilizing the additives which are recognized as safe to use by FDA is really safe to use if done as per directions.

If the new analysis shows any proof that the substance of additive is harmful, the FDA has all rights reserved to change the earlier guidelines as well as the need that the utilization of the substance of additives, in this case, should be reduced or completely stopped.