This Is How Jewish New Year Is Celebrated

Jewish New Year Is Celebrated

New Year for Jewish individuals is the most significant occasion. Month of October as well as September are for greeting the New Year. Everyone is in mood and high spirits of the festival. The celebrations start with Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur conclude it.

Jewish New Year Is Celebrated

Jewish New Year

The start of Jewish New Year can be tracked using the holy Bible and is rejoiced more than thousand years ago. The New Year in Jew starts in the Tishri month (months of October and September as per the Gregorian calendar).

When is it Celebrated?

The event last for 10 days. It starts at the sundown of day 1 and concludes on sundown of the day 10. Rosh Hashanah is rejoiced the initial 2 days. It indicates the New Year as per the Jewish custom. Yom Kippur is rejoiced on the day 10 of Tishri following all traditions. Shabbat Shuva is the time between these two days.

Jewish New Year Celebrations

Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah are the two primary festivals performed ritually during 10 days of celebrations.

Rosh Hashanah

The day starts with candle lighting. Get-together among family members is the common scenario while rejoicing Rosh Hashanah. People consume habitual food that comprises a baked challah bread and honey-dipped apples reminding of everything in life is sweet. Prayers have a very crucial role in the events. People rehearse kiddush prayers on this occasion.

Yom Kippur

The day recopies the nearness with God. It is also dubbed as Day of Atonement. It is rejoiced on the day 10 of Tishri. It is thought that God offers opportunity to his people to regret for their sins. People look at the year that has passed and plan for the year to come. The day is celebrated with strict custom of fasting.

Now that you know how the Jewish New Year is celebrated, you can wish your Jewish friends New Year images and messages.

Huobi Chain To Have Facebook Founder Zuckerberg’s Sister In The Advisory Committee

Huobi Chain To Have Facebook Founder Zuckerberg's Sister In The Advisory Committee

Randi Zuckerberg, who is the elder sister of the founder of social media giant Facebook named Mark Zuckerberg, was recently given a position in the Advisory Committee of the Huobi Chain. The lady, who is an entrepreneur as well as an author, is also working as the CEO of Zuckerberg Media, which is basically a firm dealing with content creation based in California, which was founded by her half-a-decade ago. This news came as bit of surprise for her as well as the media, and it seems that Randi has accepted the proposal and would be soon joining the league.

The lady is expected to join as many as seven other people who will be working in the Advisory committee along with her at the company. This committee has been formed after considering some serious goals such as to serve primarily as a type of think tank particularly for the platform of digital asset trading. The committee is expected to share some important professional advice along with sincere support during election phase of the Superhero Championship Program of the company. The program was actually launched some two months ago.

The main motto of this program launched by the company is to improve the community participation in the company as far as the development of the public blockchain of the company is concerned. The committee is also said to offer counsel related to the digital asset exchange in consideration with the matters regarding the development as well as the governance of the blockchain. The lady does not hold any position at the social media giant Facebook which is led by her brother, but she used to be a spokesperson as well as the Marketing Director at the company initially. Along with her, the advisory committee will have presence of Jihan Wu, who is the CEO of Bitmain; another crypto giant, among others.

Apple To Permit 3rd-Party Certified iPhone Repairs By Simply Mac

Apple To Permit 3rd-Party Certified iPhone Repairs By Simply Mac

In what may take the load off from the authorized Apple repair team and offer consumers with an option to get their broken iPhones fixed, the tech major has supposedly made an entry in an agreement with Simply Mac (the 3rd-party service provider and reseller) to provide authorized repairs for screens.

As per the media report, Simply Mac is one of the world’s biggest Apple Authorized Service Provider chains and only 5 of its 50 shops have the right equipment and tools. The firm had been carrying out 3rd-party unauthorized screen repairs as the tools required for certified repairs are not given out for free by Apple.

Now, it appears the two firms have joined hands where the iPhone manufacturer will offer the essential tools and equipment, and in return, Simply Mac will have to stop its 3rd-party repairs.

Speaking of Apple, the firm has verified to have suspended Onavo security app by Facebook from its App Store. The app supposedly did not follow the privacy rules arranged by Apple. In 2013, Facebook had obtained Israel-located Onavo and had placed it as a security app that enabled consumers to browse via a VPN (virtual private network). On the other hand, Facebook is claimed to have never cited this fact evidently that it controls the app.

Also, this is the same Onavo application that was investigated in the US by the Congress over concerns that the application had gathered data about consumers. In its answer, Facebook refused this but confessed to have employed Onavo to collect data such as how people use them and other popular apps. Now, Apple has suspended Onavo for exactly these reasons from its App Store.

“With the newest update to our rules, we made it overtly clear that apps must not gather data about which other apps are downloaded on a consumer’s device for advertising/marketing and analytics purposes,” claimed Apple.

US Cyber Attack Laws Relaxed

The Wall Street News has reported that US President, Donald Trump, has put his seal on an order to go easy with the rules in case of the cyber attacks. This decision has revoked the orders of the previous President, Barack Obama. Obama had earlier sanctioned the involvement of various federal agencies to decide to start any cyber attack. The important details of the current order are not known as it is confidential information. An officer involved has said that US is in the process of going towards a hostile step ahead. The government is under constant duress to control the growing number of threats on the cyber world. There is an increased concern regarding the over use of state funded infrastructure to curb the situation.

A Computer Scientist from Surrey University says that US is not in favor of taking aggressive actions in the cyber world but this policy is not true for some other countries. The reaction to control this kind of situation does not have to be materialistic. He further says that as physical attacks are carried out after thorough research and analysis so same rules should be followed in case of cyber space. In the times of President Obama, a number of agencies were required to collectively take any decision for usage of cyber weapons. This order was considered to be too rigid by some law enforcers. This confidential process seeped out to public in the year 2013 by Edward Snowden, an ex- intelligence contractor.

This year, in the month of June, US ordered penalties on five Russian firms. These companies were supposedly helping the major intelligence bureau of Russia. The firms and also three citizens are banned from performing any business or financial dealings which involves the US. All the US companies are also prohibited to do any business with these firms.

S&P 500 at Record High Shows Investor Confidence and Good Earnings

S&P 500 at Record High Shows Investor Confidence and Good Earnings

The Stock Market never quits in its surprises!

Tuesday saw the S&P 500 index hit a fresh new high, an all-time high that has surpassed the earlier high level of January 26, which was at 2872.87. The S&P 500 went to touch a high of 2873.23, crossing the previous high.

While the S&P 500 increased by 5.91 points which is a 0.21 percent increase to close at 2,862.96, the Nasdaq gained 38.17 points to 7,859.17 which is a 0.49 percent increase.

With strong earnings growth last quarter coming in from all sectors, the fears from trade talks between China and the USA have been shrugged off.

Another record is the long span of the bull market which is seen for the past nine years. It has overpowered the bull span of the previous 1990’s bull market. Market watchers, who are keenly watching records, have something new to watch out for. The bull market has been on its positive run for 3,452 days, which is its longest duration.

Even with various problems ailing the market such as retaliatory trade tariffs imposed, hike in interest rates and economic disturbances, the markets continue being strong.

 Jamie Cox from Harris Financial, Virginia says that market will continue to be strong until the economy is strong and employment rate continues to remain positive along with good corporate earnings.

Kevin Caron from Crossing Advisors Washington says that investor optimism is being expressed through the market.

The policy meeting for August on Wednesday will show the Fed’s approach to hike rates for the future.

One can see the earnings profit growing at a very fast rate for the past two quarters of 2018. Thomson Reuter’s earnings-tracker says that almost 8 out of 10 companies are showing results above analyst forecasts while showing earnings growth of 27 percent in the first quarter.

This is the chief force that is driving the markets up as it has boosted investor confidence in business growth.

Symantec Research: Several iOS, Android Applications Place User Privacy At Risk

As per research of Symantec, Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android have numerous applications that render users to confidentiality threats. There are specific applications for iOS and Android users that ask for too many consents to access the personal data of a user. In the survey, Symantec clarified how private data is collected and how suspicious applications on Google Play Store are crammed with excessive ads, putting the privacy of a user at risk.

Symantec, as the research’s part, downloaded top hundred free applications from the Apple App Store & Google Play Store and scrutinized what private data was being collected by the applications, besides the features being accessed. A majority of the confidential data collected by the applications related to email addresses of the users.

Symantec elucidated as many as 44% of Android and 48% of iOS applications in question were looking for access to data of users comprising email addresses. Apart from email addresses, the 2nd most ordinary data gathered by the applications is the surname. Further, the report enlightened that 33% of fake iOS applications and 30% of analyzed Android applications were asking for surnames access.

In terms of information relating to phone numbers, they were being distributed with 9% of Android and 12% of iOS applications. Last but not least, the address details of the users were being distributed with 5% of Android and 4% of iOS applications.

In another report by Associated Press, Google has elucidated to users that it still monitors their location even if they switch off location history. The recent investigation of AP into Google services on iPhones and Android devices that store data relating to the location of a user even if he/she has disables it once again raised security & privacy issues and put the firm in a tough spot.

The Motorcycle Isn’t The Innovative Product For Harley Davidson

The American Motorcycle company Harley Davison has a rich history and expertise in manufacturing motor bikes which has a significant style to it; it has its own legacy of the motorcycle. But the company faced a recent turmoil because of the uncertainty in the trade business in the USA, but nevertheless, the company still managed a good solution regarding their production and trade. With this Harley Davidson recently has gone through the technological updates in their products.

Harley Davidson is putting a lot in the technological perspective of the company an introduced a Boom Box GTS infotainment system for their cushiest bike i.e. Touring Machines and Cruisers.  These bikes will get the infotainment system consisting of a 6.5-inch screen with Gorilla Glass in it, which will be working like a smartphone i.e. touch responses pinch in and pinch out. Harley Davison claims that they have improved the system by dropping the start-up time to 10 sec from 21 sec, route calculation time is reduced to 2.5 sec from 10 sec and massive improvement. Only this improvement has not been made, a dedicated map system for riders of the Harley Davidson with map functions and a road trip supporting app will be enabled in the system.

According to the statement released by the spokesperson of the Harley Davidson, the Boom Box will use the feature of voice recognition for the rider’s convenience, alternative route function in which riders can choose the option of having a shortest route, fastest route, Twisty and Scenic route feature. This navigational system would have an integration from the all the platform like iOS and Android.  With this navigation system, the rider could leverage a lot form it like choosing the best route to visit the destination they want to reach in a number of ways.

This shows that Harley Davidson is using the most out of technological advancement which is kind of a good move to retain their customers.

Remembering Aretha…The Queen Of Soul

An era has indeed come to an end with Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul. She left for the heavenly abode at the age of 76 leaving her admirers and fans with beautiful memories to cherish forever. She has performed in various renowned functions like the inauguration ceremonies of the three of the US presidents. She was also a strong advocate for the movement of civil rights.

There is not a living soul who could hold back the tears. Bill and Hillary Clinton stated in unison that she had moved the souls of the people across the world for 50 years. Barack Obama also added that through her music, she had assisted in defining the American Experience.

She was the winner of 18 Grammy awards along with 17 top 10 US chart hits throughout her career. Last year, she also announced to retire from her career. She was diagnosed with neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer in 2010, which caused the untimely death of the legend. She also received the award of Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005 from George W Bush, then President. She was also praised for stirring the hearts of millions of people residing in the US.

Clinton also stated that she was a graceful and elegant personality who has never compromised on the perfection in her performances. She was also declared one of the greatest treasures of America.

The American Civil Liberties Union or the ACLU also stated that she ensured that the black ladies have their importance. Barack and Michelle Obama also stated that they could relate their lives and feel the same with her unmatched voice. They also stated that she had helped them realize the importance of being human and more hopeful. The present President of the US, Donald Trump tweeted that her voice was a gift from God.

Pretty Woman: The Musical Get Mixed Reviews

Pretty Woman: The Musical is the Broadway rendition of what is arguably the most successful romantic comedies of last three decades. The Musical features Samantha Barks in the role of Vivian Ward, the character originally played by Julia Roberts in the film.

When it comes to reviews, there are mixed opinions among critics. While The Guardian has rated it as one star and dubbed it as a tasteless disaster, The Telegraph rated it as four stars and commended the chemistry between Samantha Barks and Andy Karl, her co-star, who also had a huge responsibility of doing justice to a character played by Richard Gere.

Diana Snyder, the critic from The Telegraph, stated that the duo made a highly entertaining and attractive couple. She added that Barks is shining and courageous and is able to find a strong emotional undercurrent in the sturdy businessman. Notably, the film, which is one of the highest-grossing romantic comedies of Hollywood, talks about a rich businessman, a prostitute and the relationship they share.

The Broadway musical was rated as four stars by The Stage. Mark Shenton, the critic from The Stage stated that the production is being driven by the expertise of the delivery, the sparks between the stars and the soft rock songs, by Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams. Shenton also praised the fierce voice of Kit, best friend of Vivian, played by actress Orfeh.

Alexis Soloski, the critic from The Guardian dubbed the adaptation as tuneful, cheap and offensive on an overall level. She highlighted that the adaptation, whose creative team consisted of all men, failed to give a proper storyline to the female protagonist and didn’t make any cultural changes. Adam Feldman, the reviewer from Time Out, on the other hand, termed the musical adaptation as an obedient copy of the original movie.

Titanium And Iron Found In The Atmosphere Of An Exoplanet

Titanium And Iron Found In The Atmosphere Of An Exoplanet

Astronomers, in the previous year, made a fascinating discovery: a blazing planet, scorching than any other recognized to human, where dayside temperatures may go beyond 4,000 K (6,740°F). That would turn it hotter than several stars.

Now, more interesting information of this bizarre exoplanet, named KELT-9b, has surfaced. As per a study issued in Nature journal, the atmosphere of the planet encloses heavy metals, like titanium and iron, which take the vaporized gas form owing to the intense heat.

Iron is the most plentiful transition metal—it is tricky to identify them in cooler environments as the atoms are generally ensnared in other molecules. And, it has never been recognized directly in the exoplanet’s atmosphere as it is extremely refractory, implying it has a high melting point and, thus, needs extremely high temperatures to be converted into a gas.

Titanium has been speckled earlier in the atmosphere of an exoplanet—however, not in its atomic form. Astronomers, in September 2017, utilizing the Hubble Space Telescope declared that they had discovered titanium dioxide (molecules comprising 2 oxygen atoms and 1 titanium atom) in the exoplanet’s atmosphere dubbed Kepler-13A.

KELT-9b—that is situated about 650 light years away—fits in a group of planets called “ultrahot Jupiters”—exoplanets that are Jupiter-sizes and orbit very near to their host stars—in the Cygnus constellation. With a temperature of more than 10,000 degrees, it’s roughly twofold as hot as the Sun.

KELT-9b, a giant gas planet orbits, this star, which is 30x nearer than the distance of Earth from the Sun. Owing to this closeness, the planet encircles its star in 36 H and is heated to a temperature of more than 4,000 degrees. It isn’t as hot as the Sun, however, hotter than several stars. Presently, we don’t yet recognize what an atmosphere appears like and how it can change under such circumstances.