OnePlus Switch Receives An Update

OnePlus Switch Receives An Update

OnePlus, the China-located smartphone maker, has supposedly upgraded its data backup and device transfer application. Dubbed as “OnePlus Switch,” the company has updated the app to “version 1.2.” This update comes with a tweaked user interface (UI), software improvement program, and bug-fixes. Previously, OnePlus consumers had supposedly been facing a frequent data transfer issue and this upgrade comes with a bug-fix for this issue.

“The firm has included a new program for system stability improvement. Choosing to use the program either at first launch of the app or through the settings menu permits the tool to make a system log. This log can be sent to the firm if any problem occurs,” claimed the media this week.

In addition to this, the firm has also integrated minor modifications to the user interface to enhance the user experience in general. The update also supports more transfers via the app, including shifting of call history, messages, photos, calendar-reminders, audio, videos, and apps (with data), to a new OnePlus handset from their old phones. With the new upgrade, OnePlus plans to expand support to consumers who happen to employ the application as a simple device backup facility, claimed the media.

On a related note, OnePlus recently launched OnePlus Bullets wireless earphones in India. At the time of OnePlus 6’s roll out, the firm had declared the cost of these headphones to be Rs 3,990. In competition, Sony has a WI-SP500 In-ear Wireless earphone with an analogous neckband design for a price tag of Rs 5,490.

The major highlights of the Bullets wireless earphones from OnePlus are its dash charging support and design. Speaking of the design, this device sports magnetic switches that get attached by just bringing the switches near to each other. This will stop the playing music. By just separating the attached switches apart, consumers can un-pause the music and receive calls.

This Year Might See The Arrival Of Keyboard And Mouse Support On The Xbox One

This Year Might See The Arrival Of Keyboard And Mouse Support On The Xbox One

After decades of commitments, various reports state that mouse and keyboard support is formally arriving to Xbox One. This could be a certainty by almost this fall. At last, your wish of being continuously sniped with god-like reflexes by a 14-year-old will become true.

Currently, mouse and keyboard support is supposedly accessible on the Xbox, but apart from Minecraft, users have almost completely evaded formally adding it. You can also employ specific hardware such as the Xim USB center to overtake the developer-applied limitations. Particularly in first-person fast-paced shooter games, controllers are believed to be a drawback in comparison to the whiplash pace of a solid keyboard and mouse combo. But the OS behemoth is supposedly offering developers with input detection equipment so that they can match users on the basis of their control type.

Microsoft met with developers previously this year for forthcoming association with Razer, the PC accessories manufacturer. Microsoft supposedly offered a presentation in which new Razer goods were showcased and the firm’s flashy custom Chroma keyboard lighting was incorporated. The media posted various leaked slides.

Microsoft has been slowly filling the gaps between PC and the Xbox while dominating multiplayer cross-play among gaming platforms. The firm has executed the Windows 10 Xbox app and “play anywhere” feature as fraction of this program, and its console “goodies” are often obtainable on PC. The more influential Xbox One S console was even speculated to be a big leap from Microsoft into just introducing an affordable Windows device for gaming.

On a related note, while Sony carries on refusing multiplayer cross-console abilities, Microsoft witnesses this as an opportunity. It even joined hands with Nintendo previous week for an ad campaign, marketing the ability of Minecraft to support multiplayer cross-play between Xbox One and the Switch, leaving Sony as odd man out.

Apple Might Soon Make iPhones To Recognize Your Handwriting

Apple Might Soon Make iPhones To Recognize Your Handwriting

Technology firms are recognized to operate behind-the-scenes on all kinds of technology but not all become success. When it comes to patent filing, there is little association between a firm filing a patent and for that function to essentially turn into an actuality. A latest patent has disclosed that Apple might just be operating on conveying recognition of handwriting to its smartphones.

As per a report, a patent filed by the Cupertino-based firm in February 2014 was issued today by Patent and Trademark Office of the U.S. The patent is dubbed as “Managing Real-Time Handwriting Recognition” and additionally discloses that it is for a mechanism for offering input functionality of handwriting on a consumer device.

The description of the patent also claims that the recognition of handwriting will support various languages, comprising Chinese. As we cited before, it is not certain whether this function will come to Apple gadgets or not but it is clear that Apple appears to be operating on the idea. Whether it will arrive to just the smartphone or different Apple gadgets is also not certain.

While recognition of handwriting might or might not turn into a reality for the firm, one item that is set to be rolled out is the AirPower mat. A media report discloses that the wireless AirPower mat might just launch in September. It is anticipated that Apple will roll out 3 new handsets and with these iPhones, the AirPower mat might also become obtainable.

For those who are not aware, the AirPower mat has the ability to charge more than a single device simultaneously. This is something that the Qi wireless pad does not have since only one single device can be charged at a time. Using AirPower mat, Apple consumers will be capable of charging the Apple Watch, iPhone, and the AirPods all simultaneously.

North Saskatchewan River Infected by whirling disease

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has confirmed the presence of whirling disease in the North Saskatchewan River watershed in Alberta.

According to the agency, the watersheds of the Bow River, Oldman River and Red Deer River are also already affected.

The Government states, however, that all fish in the affected areas are not contaminated by the disease.

Friday’s statement gives the federal government a role in the fight against trout disease in Canada.

A fish was first detected with the disease at Johnson Lake in Banff National Park in 2016 , but the disease subsequently spread to several watersheds in southern Alberta.

Peter Giamberardino, coordinator of the provincial whirling disease program, told CBC the disease was detected in the North Saskatchewan after sampling and surveillance work conducted in 2017.

“We know that once it’s in the wild, it’s there to stay,” he said.

“So we can’t treat the disease or eradicate it, but what we can do is really prevent the spread of the disease and do our best to protect those natural trout populations that have yet to be exposed or impacted by the disease.

The name of the disease comes from the fact that fish swim in a circular fashion when they are infected. The tournis is cold water salmonids such as salmon, trout and whitefish. The disease is not harmful to humans.

The Government of Alberta encourages fishers to clean and dry their equipment to prevent the spread of the parasite that causes the disease.

Greenhouse gases caused by cities underestimated, study finds

The goods and services we consume, most of which are imported, would be the main source of urban greenhouse gas emissions. This is the conclusion of a new C40 Cities study, presented Tuesday at the International Conference on Climate Change, held in Edmonton.

This is the first study that takes into account the greenhouse gas emissions generated by consumption in so many cities, nearly 80.

The authors took into account aspects of daily life such as buying food and clothing, cultural outings and online shopping.

Until then, most cities measured their greenhouse gas emissions based on the goods and services produced in their territory, rather than those consumed there.

With this new measure, the authors of the study estimate that the greenhouse gases emitted by cities are 60% higher than what could be calculated in the past.

C40 Cities is a network of some 100 major cities around the world, including Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, engaged in the fight against climate change.

New levers of action for cities

According to Mark Watts, Executive Director of C40 Cities, the study provides a more complete picture of the causes of climate change.

“Greenhouse gas emissions have increased by 60% since the Kyoto Protocol, and continue to grow,” he says, “despite the fact that many countries and cities have reduced their emissions using the traditional measurement method. So, clearly, something is missing. ”

The conclusions of the study, he hopes, will give local politicians new means of action.

Beyond the issues of transportation and housing, cities should review, for example, how they get their supplies, or the choice of materials used in construction sites.

Anti-G20 demonstrations: police want reinforcements

On Friday, police in Hamburg Germany requested reinforcements to face the many anti-G20 demonstrations in the city, which prevented the wife of the US president from leaving her hotel.

“The [reinforcement] request is under way”, it is a question of “alleviating the forces already engaged”, he said.

Riot police units in Berlin and the Schleswig-Holstein region, near Hamburg, in the north of the country, said they were preparing to send several hundred reinforcements.

Security forces have already mobilized more than 20,000 people to ensure security in Hamburg at the summit of leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies.

But the multitude of demonstrations for several days and clashes that broke out Thursday night and continued Friday, the day of the opening of the summit, puts the strengths to strain.

US president’s wife, Melania Trump, was kept locked up in his residence in Hamburg on Friday because of the many anti-G20 demonstrations in the city, the spokesman said.

“We have so far not been granted permission to leave the house by the police,” the spokeswoman told the German news agency DPA.

A source close to the Donald Trump delegation to the G20 confirmed this information to AFP.

Donald Trump and his wife reside in the Hamburg City-State Government House, a magnificent waterfront villa.

Due to the incidents and rallies, the G20 Leaders’ Wives program, in which Melania Trump participated, had to be modified.

M me Trump was unable to attend a boat cruise in the port city and a visit to a center on climate scheduled for midday was canceled and replaced by a debate in a Hamburg hotel, a source close Organisation.

As of Friday morning, several thousand demonstrators gathered around the strategic road junctions of the city of 1.7 million inhabitants in order to block the arrival of official delegations to the summit.

Clashes between anti-G20 demonstrators and law enforcement officials have been practically uninterrupted since Thursday night in the city.

Police reported that 159 of his agents had been injured to date in these incidents.

On Thursday evening, clashes had already pitted protesters against the police, making 111 light wounded among the police. Twenty-nine people were arrested and 15 were taken into custody.

According to the authorities, up to 100,000 protesters are expected to beat the pavement over several days, on the sidelines of the G20 summit, the first of Donald Trump, where the rulers argue over climate and trade.

The GPP police union condemned “massive attacks by violent extremist groups”, saying that “the self-proclaimed Black Blocks” had “diverted the peaceful demonstrations of tens of thousands of people to deliberately attack To the police.

And they are not at the end of their trouble: the biggest demonstration in numbers is expected Saturday. Until the end the summit risks giving the image of a besieged fortress.