This Pterodactyl Fossil Estimated To Be The Oldest One Found Till Date

This Pterodactyl Fossil Estimated To Be The Oldest One Found Till Date

The paleontologists have recently discovered pterodactyl fossils which are considered to be the oldest ones ever found. The fossils have been found in the Utah desert. These are not the remains of some dinosaur species rather these are the fossils of a new flying species, which is indeed an achievement from the paleontologists’ perspective. The fossils are said to be of a strange bird that used to circle above the desert nearly 210 million years ago and the bird had huge fangs and a five-foot long wingspan as well. The scientists have even suggested that this creature, whose fossils were found, must have been the first ever flying vertebrate that ever lived on this planet, based on a study that was released on Monday.Earlier, the researchers used to believe that the first flying vertebrate existed at a different time, but this new discovery has pushed back the period by as many as 65 million years, all the way back to the Triassic period. This new specimen of the pterodactyl species, which are also called as pterosaurs by the scientists, is now named Caelestiventus Hanseni, which means ‘heavenly wind’ in Latin. This animal is said to have lived at the same time of the dinosaurs. The study that was released also noted that these specimens are very well preserved. The fossils also consist of a skull which is almost completely intact. This is said to be a remarkable discovery by the experts in the field.

Until this discovery, there were just 30 of these Triassic pterodactyl specimens on the planet and most of the fossils were only a single bone. Another important fact to be noted here that none of these pterosaurs that were discovered earlier in the form of fossils ever lived in the deserts. This means that these were widely spread across the entire planet and these could live comfortably in different environments.

iPhones Don’t Hear Your Conversation’, Claims Apple

Few days ago, the members of HECC had issued the letter to the Apple after the reports that claimed iPhones along with the other devices like smart speakers are able to hear and record human conversations. However the company has responded to the allegations of those representatives by claiming that iPhones don’t hear to the conversations of the people and don’t share it with the third parties.

The Cupertino giant also tried to explain to the authorities that their customers aren’t the product of the company and the company’s business model doesn’t support the collection of personal information of the customers. In the letter, the authorities had particularly mentioned the reports that the apps of third parties were able to collect the information from its data devices when triggered with the hot words like ‘Okay Google’, ‘Hey Alexa’, and ‘Hey Siri’.

Even the Facebook was accused of the same in the congressional hearing in the month of April where Gary Peters, a senator asked Zuckerberg whether those social media platforms hear the conversations of the people and feed the ads accordingly. To which the chief of Facebook answered that they don’t and called these ideas as the conspiracy theories. Apple said that even if their devices help their users in their daily lives, they don’t listen to people.

Apple also claimed that what an iPhone understands is just the two trigger words ‘Hey Siri’. When the user triggers its voice assistant, it confirms at the first place whether its user really wants to use the feature and anything that he asks will be attached to the any device identifier randomly and not with the Apple ID. The device identifier can be changed by the user by switching the Siri off and again switching it on. In its letter to the authorities, Apple also gave away some information regarding the handling of the location information.

Tweets Might Dependably Forecast Air Quality At The Time Of Wildfires

Tweets Might Dependably Forecast Air Quality At The Time Of Wildfires

A new survey by researchers with the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) Forest Service recommends that what users tweet in regions influenced by wildfire can be a dependable indicator of air quality. Tweets from California at the time of the state’s 2015 wildfire season recommended that social media might enhance forecasts of air quality affects from smoke leading from wildfires. It had the capability of improving relief & rescue efforts, as per the new survey on Social Media and Society posted lately by the International Conference.

Whether it is caused by prescribed fire or wildfire, smoke can have grave health consequences, comprising aggravating cardiovascular & respiratory conditions, the media claimed. “With wildfire seasons turning out to be longer and more individuals residing in fire-prone regions, smoke is turning into a greater concern for public health,” scientist at Forest Service’s Northern Research Station, Sonya Sachdeva, claimed to the media in an interview.

“Models for forecasting the range and extent of smoke dispersion’s impact from wildfire events can be a significant tool in protecting public health. And we are finding that the data people share on social media has huge capability for enhancing those models,” Sachdeva claimed. In an earlier survey, Sachdeva had a look at 700 tweets connected to the California’s King Fire and discovered that they were a dependable predictor of air quality associated to that fire.

In the new survey, Rocky Mountain Research Station’s Sarah McCaffrey and Sachdeva examined 39,000 tweets that comprised the names of most destructive wildfires of the 2015 season in California.

On a related note, Tweeter earlier suspended various popular accounts recognized for mass-retweeting tweets or stealing tweets for artificial virality. As per Buzzfeed, accounts comprising @GirlPosts, @Dory, Girl Code/@reiatabie, @SoDamnTrue, @teenagernotes, Common White Girl/@commonwhitegiri, @holyfag, @finah, and @memeprovider were amongst the accounts that were suspended.

Google To Assist You Write Docs Correctly Without Grammatical Mistakes

Google To Assist You Write Docs Correctly Without Grammatical Mistakes

Google is experimenting on a fresh tool dubbed as “grammar suggestions” for Google Docs (its word processor app). This tool will be incorporated directly into the spell-checking tool to assist consumers avoid grammatical mistakes.

The latest tool that will highlight and underline probable grammatical mistakes with a blue line, is in the testing phase and has been made obtainable to qualified applicants of Google’s EAP (Early Adopter Program), reported Android Headlines this week.

The complete-featured checker will permit consumers to wait until they have ended typing up a file prior to correcting any probable errors. The real-time checker will automatically process through the underlined phrases or words and the consumer will have the alternative to either fix or ignore the errors.

“Google claims that its grammar checker is fueled by the same ML (Machine Learning) algorithms as its natural language search and spelling checker feature. This indicates that the tools must incessantly enhance over time and as more consumers take benefit of it,” the report claimed. The Office software by Microsoft also integrates a similar “grammar check” feature to keep up the speed in the document editing sector.

On a related note, Google is gearing up for the roll out is its next-gen Pixel handsets, which will arrive with the newest editions of Android OS. Keeping the roll out timeline in mind the tech behemoth has now rolled out the Android P’s final developer preview. The beta 4 or developer Preview 5 or for Android P is the most steady version and you can put your hands on it before the next month’s final launch.

The company has claimed that the beta 4 for Android P integrates all the final system behaviors. This indicates that the functions that are fraction of this update are absolutely arriving to the upcoming version.

Samsung Might Roll Out Launch Bixby Smart Speaker To Overtake On Google Home And Amazon Echo

Samsung, the South Korean electronic behemoth, appears to be seriously considering making big decisions in the segment for voice assistant. Bixby, the voice assistant for Samsung, may have bright future if reports of the firm rolling out a Bixby smart speaker are factual. While the company has obligated its Bixby assistant in all its Galaxy handsets, it has not created much of a hype amongst Android handsets consumers who are more attracted of Google Assistant.

Now, Samsung is allegedly operating on a smart speaker below its latest trademark Magbee. The speaker can be rolled out as early as August 9, 2018, at the time of its launch for Galaxy Note 9. The “Magbee” brand lately got revealed from a latest trademark application with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). Below the brand, the alleged smart speaker can be the first device and the branding might be expanded to other linked gadgets that will operate with Bixby.

While there is no authorized news on whether the firm will roll out the Magbee smart device at the time of the launch event for Galaxy Note 9 on August 9,2018, rumors recommend that the firm may also roll out its new wearable with the phablet.

Lately, the firm unintentionally listed the Samsung Galaxy Watch on its US retail site. According to the listing the wearable will is a rose gold model with 42 mm in dimension and will have SM-R810NZDAXAR as model number. Besides this, the listing offers no data about the price or roll out date of the wearable. The leak has verified that Samsung has indeed left the Gear branding from the wearable since the new device is dubbed as Galaxy Watch. Lately it was also claimed that the company is aiming to bring the support of Bixby to the Galaxy Watch.

IFFCO Rolls Out E-Commerce Website For Farmers

IFFCO Rolls Out E-Commerce Website For Farmers

IFFCO, the fertilizer major, has associated with Singapore-located tech company iMandi to begin an e-commerce website for farmers with almost Rs 80 Crore worth investment. An e-commerce applications, dubbed as “IFFCO iMandi,” has been rolled out that will supply to 5.5 Crore farmers already linked with the organization. A web platform has also been designed.

IFFCO eBazar Ltd., subsidiary of IFFCO, has taken 26% share in iMandi Pte Ltd. The rest of the 74% is with some other investors including I-tech Holdings. “After leading the campaign all over India to sensitize the farmers about the employment of digital and online payments, we are proud to surface with an application ‘IFFCO iMandi.’ It is an ultimate stop for agri inputs, electronics, FMCG, insurance, and loans,” U S Awasthi, Managing Director at IFFCO, claimed to the media in an interview.

iMandi will deal with all requirements of the farming society and plans to supply to captive consumer base of 55 Million farmers, he claimed further. The app was rolled out this week in Chandigarh. Founder of iMandi Pte, V K Agarwal, claimed that almost USD 12 Million has already been pumped in to roll out this portal and app while more USD 18 Million will be added to include additional features, comprising the facility for farmers to trade their products.

“We are aiming to reach gross merchandise value (GMV) of USD 5 Billion in the coming 2 Years,” he claimed. iMandi is obtainable at App Store and Play Store for download for iOS and Android handsets and also available on web at their official website.

On the same note, Marketing Director at IFFCO, Yogendra Kumar, claimed that in the near future farmers will also be capable of selling their product at the best prices online. The Delhi-located IFFCO has 35,000 members in its society. The organization posted an income of Rs 20,787 Crore in the previous fiscal. It made almost 8 Million Tons and traded 10.3 Million Tons of fertilizers last year.

Google Extends Its Placement Services To The UK

Google Extends Its Placement Services To The UK

Google has revised its recruitment services and has extended it to the UK as well. Apart from the global sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn, it will be available to the local versions like, Guardian Jobs, Reed, and Haymarket.

The latest facility will enable the aspirants to seek the relevant jobs as per the jobs posted, location, and the necessary terms mentioned on the job searching window. However, a few of the experts believe this tie-up may end up with negative results. Initially, Google won’t charge a penny from the sites which will conjugate with it.

Currently, the users will have to click on the individual jobs posted by the third-party sites to be able to apply. The experts are also expecting the said arrangement to change with time.

The Editor of a renowned magazine People Management, Robert Jeffrey, stated that Google is the most seamless path to the internet. The popularity of the US tech giant has compelled the other job service portals to be a part of this elaborate platform. It may also charge for the premium services.

The Google for Jobs is already available in the countries like the US, a few portions of Africa, and Spain that aids in seeking the most appropriate jobs for the aspirants. Google has conjugated with numerous smaller firms along with the renowned job listing sites.

Joy Xi, the Product Manager, stated that this deal will enable the job seekers to search for jobs on an elaborate platform while the employers will get an opportunity to reach the most relevant candidate. There are other advantages associated with the latest facility. The smart search presented by Google ensures the job seekers select the most relevant option after filtering through numerous options. On the other hand, indeed, the giant job portal has refused to share the information with the site.

NASA May Have Discovered And Then Destroyed Organic Molecules On Mars In 1976

NASA May Have Discovered And Then Destroyed Organic Molecules On Mars In 1976

According to recent reports, NASA may have discovered what could have potentially been the earliest detection of organics present on Mars, and then caused its accidental destruction. This comes on the heels of NASA’s first corroboration of the organic molecules present on the Red Planet in 2014. Scientists have always suspected presence of such molecules there because of constant bombardment on Mars of the meteorites which are rich in carbon. A mission sent to Mars in 1976 for discovering these molecules however, yielded no results, much to the surprise of researchers.

A scientist at the Ames Research Center of NASA stated that this result was not expected by them, as they thought it to be inconsistent with their data. A plausible explanation obtained was that perchlorate, which was observed on Mars, burned up under high temperature, and the instruments used to find the organics needed to heat up the surface first, which could have caused burning of the samples. However, scientists were not satisfied completely with this theory, so they continued further studies. With this in mind, scientists again visited the Red Planet to see if they had missed something. The team found that the earlier mission in 1976 would also have detected chlorobenzene, but it was not a proof that they had destroyed the molecules. Still, opinions of the scientists are divided.

Meanwhile, NASA has a trash problem on its hands, and it has been asking for suggestions from the general public regarding ways to dispose the garbage in future space missions. NASA had laid out a concept for Trash Compaction and Processing Systems, wherein it had requested a need for partners to attain this objective. Any of the concepts should fulfill four main objectives: storage of trash in both long and short-terms, processing, stabilizing, and managing effluents. NASA has been itself trying to tackle this issue by turning trash into gas, as well as recovering residual water from the garbage. NASA will be meeting with industrial partners on July 24 to further detail its plans.

No Nitrogen For Coral Reef: Are Rats The Culprit Or Are They Innocent?

There are several naturally grown things which are good for an island like birds dropping. Guano is filled with nitrogen, a fertilizer that enhances the growth of plants and birds are the robust supplier.

However, there are some bad things as well, such as invasive rats that tend to destroy everything coming into their way, like eggs and chicks of bird, which do not know how to deal with their mammalian predators. But, the result of this sort of invasion is far from the impacting the ecosystem only, and even to the regions which never comes in your thought, which has the surrounding coral reefs on the island incorporated.

Graham, which tracking the element, could experience that how rats have impacted the population of seabird, that eventually impacts the nitrogen stores of the island. The collected samples of the soil of various parts of the island show that the region where there is no invasion by the rats, the amount of nitrogen elements from bird’s dropping is 250% more than the area invaded by the rats.

The research team as well discovered a higher level of nitrogen components in fish and reef algae in the area which is rat-free. Graham says, “The rats are responsible for interrupting the system, and seabirds avoid visiting that part of the island which impacts the nitrogen deposit.”

Director of science, Nick Holmes, Island Conservation group, says, “Rats were antedating the newborn saplings that were sprouting and consuming the seeds.” So, this makes the rats an unwanted group of engineers of the forest, and it is very much clear that forest is the baseline of every ecosystem, be it seabirds or invertebrates.

In 2013, as soon as the researchers started the eradication of the rats, the native seedlings increased by 130%, and the counting of arthropods such as crabs and insects went on high like a rocket with an increase of 350%.

Google And Apple Questioned By Congress Members Regarding User Tracking

Google And Apple Questioned By Congress Members Regarding User Tracking

CEOs of Alphabet and Apple have been sent letters by the Top House Republicans of the Energy and Commerce Committee. They have requested them to respond to queries regarding the data collection through their devices—such as location data, emails, and voices of the users.

The notes, addressed to Larry Page of Alphabet and Tim Cook of Apple, are partly a reaction to previous reports that mentioned Google allows the third-party apps to get into Gmail data of the user. The letter to Google also mentions a November 2017 report that stated it tracked locations of Android users even when location services were put out of action on their devices.

The Committee, in a press release, also solicited both firms for replies to the following remarks on whether our devices are really eavesdropping in on our talks.

“Recent reports have also proposed that smartphone devices can, and in few cases, do, gather ‘non-triggered’ audio details from the conversations of users near a smartphone so as to listen to a ‘trigger’ phrase, for instance, ‘hey Siri’ or ‘okay Google.’ Also, it has been proposed that third-party apps have access to and utilize this ‘non-triggered’ information without revelation to users.”

Although last week the key heat concentrated on Google and Alphabet, its parent firm; also the lawmakers are pushing Apple to disclose regarding what sort of access third-parties have via the App Store. The letters remind the companies’ CEOs of their pledges to user privacy and enclose numerous questions concerning their practices.

In a statement, Google said, “Protecting the privacy of our users and securing their details is of supreme significance. We look forward to responding to the questions of the Committee.”

Page and Cook are deemed to reply by July 23. Also, a complaint is being filed against Cook and Co. in northern California’s US federal district court that logs a breach of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.