XRP Declines By 90% In Compared To Its Highest Price In 2018

XRP, the third largest market capitalization in the cryptocurrency world, fell on Tuesday at its lowest price in 2018.

Shortly after Monday’s close, the cryptocurrency fell for the first time since December 12, 2017, to $0.27 cents, according to CoinDesk price information. XRP was last seen at $0.2705, down 2.95% since opening day.

At the press time, XRP was one of the biggest losers of the top 10 crypto-coins by market capitalization, and reports a loss of 36% in 7 days, according to CoinMarketCap data. Individual market capitalization also fell by more than $5.4 Billion, during this period.

Ripple had the largest share of profits in the last year, and 92% lower than the record of $ 3.75. According to pricing information from CoinDesk, XRP was functioning at $ 0.16 cents exactly a year ago, some of which speculated on further price declines.

Cryptocurrency XRP is among many networks to see decreasing values during Monday’s session. Such known cryptos, include bitcoin cash, ether, and Cardano, with recorded losses of more than 7% to 12% in just 24 Hours.

The total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies declined by almost $ 14 Billion from the peak of $214.4 Billion yesterday and is currently just over $200 Billion, according to the data showed by CoinMarketCap.

Litecoin has also witnessed a drop in the present year. It fell by 8.78% compared to its previous year. The drop point was the lowest in the present year. Some of the other cryptos such as eos and ethereum had to witness a drop of 7.96% and 6.89% respectively. At present, there has been no show of positive revival. Leading crypto, bitcoin had also got its numbers lowered; it dropped by 4.86% in last 24 Hours period.

More Than 1000 Crypto-projects Are Lifeless At Current

More Than 1000 Crypto-projects Are Lifeless At Current

According to the recently published report of TechCrunch, over a thousand encryption projects are already “dead” on June 30, 2018. The information is based on the data from two sites, DeadCoins and Coinopsy.

Coinopsy offers daily reviews of various crypto-coins, including those that are already departed. It defines a “dead” token, in the case of following no nodes, website dead, low volume, abandoned, no social updates, scammed, no nodes, wallet issues, or developers have left the project.

According to the list of Coinopsy, till the time, there are 247 dead coins. These include the infamous Bitconnect, which was closed in January 2018 and described by the site as the most successful cryptocurrency with Ponzi scheme.

DeadCoins has a long list of 830 cryptocurrencies that are called as dead. Among them is the Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services ICO that was evaded by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and was closed due to counterfeit practices.

According to an SEC press release, Titanium managed to bag $21 Million from investors in the US and other countries. In its statement, the SEC warned investors that ICO is an extremely risky form of investment.

As reported by Cointelegraph, on Friday the ICO volume reached 13.7 Billion. In 2018, which is twice as compared to the market valuation in 2017. According to the report, the dead and scam ICO raised over $1 Billion in 2017.

On June 21, Adena Friedman, CEO of Nasdaq warned that investment in ICOs might lead to serious risks for small investors, claiming that projects that raise funding by this methods have an unclear oversight in business.

In early June, crypto-evangelist John McAfee told him to stop endorsing ICO owing to alleged SEC threats.

ACLU Proclaims It Was Unable To Verify Migrant Reunifications

ACLU Proclaims It Was Unable To Verify Migrant Reunifications

Attorneys seeking for the reunification of the migrant children with their parents who were separated at the southern border proclaimed on Thursday that they were unable to confirm the Trump administration’s claim related with the immigrants’ reunification. According to the administration’s declaration, nearly 5 Dozen immigrant kids were successfully reunited with their parents.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) accused immigration officials in a federal court filing, as they had not allowed attorneys and human rights workers to validate the 57 reunifications. The reunification of kids with less than 5 years old age to their parents was announced by the Health and Human Services and Homeland Security departments on Thursday morning.

The ACLU proclaimed that the immigration officials did not keep their promise to inform attorneys about the place and timings of every reunification. They also did not allow the third parties to witness them. The ACLU further stated that the authorities only provided a general prediction that was responsible for making the reunification process impossible to verify.

On the other hand, the DHS and the DOJ spokespeople refused to comment when asked about the same. The ACLU in its filing accused immigration officials for forcing some parents to pay for travel. The organization also stated that one parent was asked to wire $1,900 to Western Union as a reunification cost. Additionally, it stated that some migrants said they were asked to pay for DNA tests, however, the organization didn’t provide details of the same.

On a related note, approximately, 1,000 immigrants from about 47 different countries will be offered the U.S. Citizenship. On Wednesday, the U.S. Citizenship and immigration services introduced about 975 immigrants as the latest U.S. citizens. Recently, thousands of people from 47 countries had filled the El Paso County Coliseum. All of the foreign nationals had to go through meticulous civics instructions and testing.

China-Friendly Censorship Of Apple Resulted In An iPhone-Crashing Bug

China-Friendly Censorship Of Apple Resulted In An iPhone-Crashing Bug

An iOS bug has been discovered that crashes iPad, iPod, and iPhone touch models in few parts whenever the word Taiwan was typed or the “Taiwan” flag emoji was received. This susceptibility was speckled on iOS 11.3, though has obtained a fix via the update iOS 11.4.1. A previous NSA security researcher, Patrick Wardle, who discovered the bug, pinpointed that the code was perhaps owing to iPhones censorship features in China region.

As per Wardle, the code was written to eliminate the references to the name of the country as well as its flag emoji in specific regions from iOS. However, rather than seeing this as absent from the collection, there was an issue with the code that observed Taiwan or Taiwan flag as unacceptable input making the iPad or iPhone to break down. The devices would break down if the “Taiwan” word was typed through WhatsApp, iMessage, and similar applications, or if the Taiwan flag emoji was obtained via any of these applications.

Wardle states the bug had been for more than 2 Years. This crashing bug resulted in service attack denial, and basically, anyone can cause somebody’s iPhone to break down in the area by sending the Taiwan flag emoji. This problem was recognized by Emojipedia that was cited stating that the Taiwan flag was concealed if the device location was set to China by an Apple user. Apple devices, for Chinese users, would display a missing character tofu instead of the Taiwan flag emoji.

Now Apple has fixed the problem with the recent update iOS 11.4.1. Wardle cautioned about the problem in June, and the firm has rolled out a patch now. Apart from this, Apple, later this year, could introduce face identification for iPad, larger smartwatches, and a long-awaited upgrade for the Mac mini, as predicted by Ming-Chi Kuo, a top Apple analyst.

The Sales Of PC Show Growth For The First Time In Years

The Sales Of PC Show Growth For The First Time In Years

You read it right. The PCs are not yet dead. The sales of PCs showed a growth of 1.4% in second quarter of 2018. The PC industry has showed a growth for the first time since 2012. The PC industry has shipped more than 62 million PCs in last three months. But these numbers, in no way, denote that the PC market has resurrected. It is predicted that the sales of PCs would come by 1.2% by the end of year 2018 and would further decline by 7 million units by the end of 2020.

Only big players have managed to grow their sales in the second quarter of 2018. The other minor brands showed a considerable decline in the sales of their PCs which was as huge as 12.9%. Lenovo and Dell showed the highest change in their sales which grew by 10.5% and 9.5%, respectively. Lenovo, as of now shares the top position with HP in market share which is 21.9% for each. HP showed a growth of 6.1% while Apple and Acer showed a growth of 3% each. These top 5 brands share 74.1% of the PC market. The fall of almost 13% in the other brands accounted the total growth to 1.4% in the market. It is predicted that the traditional PC market will fall by 10% by 2020 as compared to the figures collected in 2017.

PCs don’t specifically lack anything except for mobility and light weight, but these factors have hugely impacted their market. The era of PC will continue to decline despite any technological innovations in next 3 years as predicted by Gartner.

GoDaddy To Declare Quarter Two 2018 Earnings

GoDaddy To Declare Quarter Two 2018 Earnings

GoDaddy Inc., the biggest cloud platform in the world dedicated to independent and small ventures, will issue financial outcomes for the quarter on August 2, 2018, Thursday after the share market closes. GoDaddy administration will host a webcast and conference call at 5:00 P.M. Eastern Time. A live webcast of the call will also be obtainable on investor relations website of GoDaddy at investors.godaddy.net.

GoDaddy supports the biggest cloud platform in the world committed to independent and small companies. With over 17.5 Million users all over the world and more than 76 Million domain names below the management, GoDaddy is the destination users come to build a professional website, name their idea, manage client’s work, and attract customers. The firm’s aim is to offer users the insights, tools, and the manpower to change their personal initiative and ideas into success.

Speaking of GoDaddy, Shopmatic earlier made an entry into a tactical joint venture with GoDaddy. Users of GoDaddy, the biggest cloud platform in the world devoted to independent and small ventures, will now have a faultless approach to link their domain name to webstore offering of Shopmatic to make a worldwide online attendance.

In the same way, Shopmatic users will be allowed to purchase and view .org, .net, .in, and .com domain names from GoDaddy, a release from Shopmatic claimed. The mission of GoDaddy is to offer users the insights, online tools, and support to convert their personal initiatives and ideas into success. In addition to this, it also aims to assist small entrepreneurs and businesses reach users all over the world by offering them an affordable and easy method to get their companies online.

This joint venture will permit Shopmatic sellers to lock a preferred domain name from GoDaddy, as well as the capability of easily directing users to an already present blog, website, any social media profile, or marketplace with a single tap, it claimed.

Drive Ola And Uber Without The Need Of A Commercial License

Regular consumers of ride-hailing services can anticipate waiting times to be reduced. This will happen if they reside in Karnataka, India. In a decision that might quickly extend the pool of accessible drivers, the transport department of the state has made a decision to introduce a notification permitting users who have a legitimate private LMV (light motor vehicle) driving license to ply taxis, without having the need to get a commercial license.

Since May 2018, taxi aggregators such as Uber and Ola have been inviting individuals with a valid license to join their services and increase their revenue. But many were uncertain, as the department of transport had not taken an apparent position on this. “The Court’s instruction did away with the method of getting a different commercial license to ply taxi. Now anybody can turn into a taxi driver if he has a legitimate driving license,” claimed Naveen Raj Singh, the Transport Commissioner, to the media in an interview.

On a related note, Ola earlier received $2 Billion financial support from a team of sponsors that comprises Tencent Holdings and SoftBank Group, claimed the industry insiders. The funding will assist Ola boost its place against Uber, the US-based rival. The two are busy in a strong battle for control in the market of India and have invested in billions of dollars in discounted rides and driver incentives for users. Various sources, who did not wish to be recognized as the talks are sensitive, claimed that the round is still to be concluded and the figures might add up to almost $2 Billion when it takes place.

A declaration might be made soon, they further added. SoftBank and Ola refused to speak on the issue while Tencent was not available instantly. ANI Technologies, which operates Ola, has previously lifted various rounds of funding.

These Customers Will Get Free One Year Subscription Of Amazon Prime

These Customers Will Get Free One Year Subscription Of Amazon Prime

The telecom battle has been powerful since last 1 Year with firms not just offering free data to consumers but also providing some other services and subscriptions free of cost. The latest offer in town arrives from telecom behemoth Vodafone. The firm has associated with Amazon to offer its specific consumers authorization to the Prime service from Amazon for 1 Year. But there is a catch, as always.

To receive the free subscription for 1 Year of Amazon Prime, you will require having a postpaid plan of Vodafone RED on your number. Authorization to Amazon Prime indicates free access to TV shows, movies, and stand-up comedy shows. In addition to this, it also means free shipping to various goods from the firm’s e-commerce platform. Users can also use Amazon Prime Music.

If you are already a subscriber of postpaid plan for Vodafone RED, you can activate the Prime membership via the Vodafone Play application, which is obtainable on both iOS and Android.

“The digitally savvy user needs more flexibility and freedom in the way they use content. This partnership additionally strengthens our promise to provide the best to our users and our content proposition. It offers them access to millions of videos, movies, music, and TV Shows on the go. We are certain that Amazon Prime and Vodafone RED will offer a faultless on-the-go entertainment and shopping experience to our users,” claimed associate director at Vodafone India for consumer business, Avneesh Khosla, to the media in an interview.

Head and director of Amazon Prime India, Akshay Sahi, said, “We are delighted to join forces with Vodafone and make Amazon Prime accessible to more users. Vodafone Postpaid users can now get Amazon Prime as a fraction of their service.”

Speaking of Amazon Prime, the e-commerce behemoth has launched it Prime subscription on a monthly basis with a price tag of Rs 129.

Canada and Israel sign new free trade agreement

A new, expanded Canada-Israel free trade agreement includes an unprecedented chapter on gender equality, said federal Minister of International Trade François-Philippe Champagne.

Minister Champagne, who traveled to Montreal on Monday to sign the deal with Israeli Economy Minister Eli Cohen, said the uniqueness of the agreement lies in an article that places the section on gender equality within the larger framework of the dispute settlement mechanism.

Messrs. Champagne and Cohen were officially to sign the agreement at the end of the day in a ceremony closed to the media.

Both governments must ratify the agreement for it to come into force.

Frontiers subject to litigation

The original agreement between Canada and Israel had been in place since January 1997. In 2017, trade between the two countries was valued at about $ 1.7 billion.

Negotiations to update the agreement began under the leadership of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2014 and were concluded under Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

The new agreement maintains a requirement that goods coming from the West Bank be labeled as coming from Israel, even though Canada does not recognize that the country controls that territory, which has been occupied since 1967.

A man from Winnipeg is challenging a decision by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in 2017 that allows two wines produced in the West Bank region to be sold in Canada with the label “Product of Israel “.

According to the agreement, “Israel” refers to any territory where the customs laws of the country apply.

Mr. Champagne assured that the new agreement respected international law.

“It’s a simple issue. In international law, the way a territory is defined is the physical territory where the customs laws apply, “he explained.

“We believe the determination of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is reasonable and acceptable,” he added.

“We will learn from you”

The decision to include a chapter on gender equality was made at the initiative of Canada.

Chapter 13 states that both countries “recognize the importance of including a gendered perspective on promoting inclusive economic growth”.

“We will learn from you and implement this [gender chapter] in our upcoming free trade agreements,” Eli Cohen told the event.

“This agreement, which we will sign later, includes more than 2000 tax-free products in the food and agriculture sectors,” he said.

The agreement expands market access for both countries and includes chapters on new issues, including e-commerce and intellectual property.

Kinder Morgan station hit by oil spill in British Columbia

Emergency crews were called in on Sunday following a crude oil spill at a Kinder Morgan pump station north of Kamloops, British Columbia.

The British Columbia Ministry of the Environment reported that a flow meter had leaked 100 liters of crude oil into the ground at the Darfield pump station.

No streams were affected by this leak which was properly contained.

The leak comes just days before the end of Kinder Morgan’s deadline for assurances that his Trans Mountain Pipeline Project will be completed.

The company suspended all non-essential work on the project in April, citing BC government actions that put the viability of the pipeline in jeopardy.