Apple To Permit 3rd-Party Certified iPhone Repairs By Simply Mac

Apple To Permit 3rd-Party Certified iPhone Repairs By Simply Mac

In what may take the load off from the authorized Apple repair team and offer consumers with an option to get their broken iPhones fixed, the tech major has supposedly made an entry in an agreement with Simply Mac (the 3rd-party service provider and reseller) to provide authorized repairs for screens.

As per the media report, Simply Mac is one of the world’s biggest Apple Authorized Service Provider chains and only 5 of its 50 shops have the right equipment and tools. The firm had been carrying out 3rd-party unauthorized screen repairs as the tools required for certified repairs are not given out for free by Apple.

Now, it appears the two firms have joined hands where the iPhone manufacturer will offer the essential tools and equipment, and in return, Simply Mac will have to stop its 3rd-party repairs.

Speaking of Apple, the firm has verified to have suspended Onavo security app by Facebook from its App Store. The app supposedly did not follow the privacy rules arranged by Apple. In 2013, Facebook had obtained Israel-located Onavo and had placed it as a security app that enabled consumers to browse via a VPN (virtual private network). On the other hand, Facebook is claimed to have never cited this fact evidently that it controls the app.

Also, this is the same Onavo application that was investigated in the US by the Congress over concerns that the application had gathered data about consumers. In its answer, Facebook refused this but confessed to have employed Onavo to collect data such as how people use them and other popular apps. Now, Apple has suspended Onavo for exactly these reasons from its App Store.

“With the newest update to our rules, we made it overtly clear that apps must not gather data about which other apps are downloaded on a consumer’s device for advertising/marketing and analytics purposes,” claimed Apple.

US Cyber Attack Laws Relaxed

The Wall Street News has reported that US President, Donald Trump, has put his seal on an order to go easy with the rules in case of the cyber attacks. This decision has revoked the orders of the previous President, Barack Obama. Obama had earlier sanctioned the involvement of various federal agencies to decide to start any cyber attack. The important details of the current order are not known as it is confidential information. An officer involved has said that US is in the process of going towards a hostile step ahead. The government is under constant duress to control the growing number of threats on the cyber world. There is an increased concern regarding the over use of state funded infrastructure to curb the situation.

A Computer Scientist from Surrey University says that US is not in favor of taking aggressive actions in the cyber world but this policy is not true for some other countries. The reaction to control this kind of situation does not have to be materialistic. He further says that as physical attacks are carried out after thorough research and analysis so same rules should be followed in case of cyber space. In the times of President Obama, a number of agencies were required to collectively take any decision for usage of cyber weapons. This order was considered to be too rigid by some law enforcers. This confidential process seeped out to public in the year 2013 by Edward Snowden, an ex- intelligence contractor.

This year, in the month of June, US ordered penalties on five Russian firms. These companies were supposedly helping the major intelligence bureau of Russia. The firms and also three citizens are banned from performing any business or financial dealings which involves the US. All the US companies are also prohibited to do any business with these firms.

Triple M Just Got Approved For The Sale Of Recreational Marijuana

Triple M Just Got Approved For The Sale Of Recreational Marijuana

Triple M, which is the first and only medical marijuana business in Plymouth has many reasons to rejoice. One of the most important reasons is that the business just received the state certification for the operation of a medical marijuana store which will be at the same location. On Thursday, three licenses were approved for Triple M, which are related to the sale of medical marijuana, after the state Cannabis Control commission met and voted in Boston.

The business, Triple M, is located at 9 Collins Ave. The three licenses that were granted to the company are for the cultivation, selling, as well as the processing of the medical marijuana. The zoning board of appeals in the town has also approved this special permit.

Kevin O’Reilly, who is the Chief Operating Officer at Triple M, said that the recreational store would be open for the people in the month of October, after finishing the pending work related to the modification of the building. The business has been operating the medical marijuana business at the mentioned site since the month of February, after its doors opened for the certificate holders of medical marijuana.

This new business is expected to bring even more money for the town through the host agreement done by the company. Triple M already pays $100,000 to Plymouth as a part of the host agreement of the company along with $106,000 as a part of the property taxes. O’Reilly also said the town already gets 3 percent of the state taxes on the recreational marijuana and another 3 percent is given by the company making it 6 percent in total.

Speaking of marijuana, the medical marijuana which is used by cancer patients or others generally needs more of a psychoactive component called as THC. This THC is used more in the medical marijuana but relatively lesser in the recreational marijuana.

Council Agrees To Seize The Bird Scooters And Urge To Make It Legal

On the Morning of Tuesday, the Common Council of Milwaukee sanctioned a rule that allows the impound authority of city on motorized Bird scooters those entered in the city, by sending the rulebook to the Tom Barrett, Mayor, Milwaukee.

A representative from the mayor office said that the Mayor would sign the sent measure before the day ends; though, he also supports the alternative of new transportation.

On the other hand, aldermen independently sanctioned a resolution which is designed to make an appeal to the state authorities for legalizing the motorized bird scooters same as the one that Santa Monica-based Bird brought to the Milwaukee region.

Aldermen got 12 against 2 votes in the chambers where around dozen supporters of the vehicle first gathered outside the City Hall with the signboard and a slogan, keep the scooters. Khalif Rainey and Tony Zielinski were among the 2 voters who are not in agreement with the proposal.

The proposed proposal, however, was not claiming an immediate banning of the scooters as well as it took out the provision of penalty, but it holds the point to maintain the control in hands of city authorities that they can seize the scooters if seen publically.

The city authorities start gathering the vehicles in the upcoming 7-10 days and the Bird rider needs to pay a fine of $100 for recovering the user.

On Monday the Mayor told to Sentinel, Milwaukee Journal that he is in support of the newly introduced transportation alternative and would permit the state leaders to look into the issue.

The representative from Bird said that the action taken by the council is in reply to its understanding of the state law. However, Bird has filed a lawsuit and concerning a judge to look into the matter and sanction the continuation of business operations.

Computational Platform Speculates How To Transform One Cell Type Into Another

Computational Platform Speculates How To Transform One Cell Type Into Another

A research team from the University of Luxembourg has designed a computational platform that envisages how one subtype of cells can be transformed into some other subtype.

As per Professor Antonio del Sol, the study author, the process has “great prospective for regenerative medicine when taking into c consideration substituting cell subpopulations that have been gone astray in the disease course, for instance.”

In cooperation with associates from the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, the team demonstrated that derived from their computational estimations, stem cells in the brain can be reprogrammed and transformed into neurons’ another subtype.

Cells of the identical kind can have slight variations in gene expression that considerably change how they work, giving rise to diverse cell subpopulations.

To prevail over this restraint, del Sol and team developed a computational platform known as “TransSyn” that enables estimations founded on the gene expression of solo cells in a population and discovers slight distinctions between diverse cell subtypes.

Scientists recognize that there are numerous regulatory genes that function synergistically to typify a cell subtype. After these genes have been recognized, the team can go on with transforming one subtype into another that they perform by implementing particular factors to the cell cultures that would change their gene expression.

As mentioned in the Nature Communications journal, predictions of TransSyn allowed the scientists to transform the human neuroepithelial stem cells within the hindbrain into the dopaminergic nerve cell progenitors within the midbrain that had the capability to produce dopaminergic nerve cells.

Recently, Cynata Therapeutics, a stem cell & regenerative medicine firm, had declared positive efficacy data from a research of its Cymerus mesenchymal stem cells in a pre-clinical heart attack prototype. Particularly, MSC treatment was demonstrated to enhance the revival of cardiac functioning following a heart attack and decrease left ventricular end-systolic diameter, in comparison to either bone marrow-obtained MSCs or placebo.

Lyft And Uber Terminated Driver Of For Live Streaming Passenger On Twitch With Out Their Consent

Lyft And Uber Terminated Driver Of For Live Streaming Passenger On Twitch With Out Their Consent

The driver photographed and sent his passengers and his interactions with him on Twitch, a service that is often used for streaming video, according to the report of St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The newspaper reported that the fever sometimes indicated the full names and places of residence of the passengers, as well as intimate moments and personal conversations.

Meanwhile, the public will comment on their speeches and conversations.

But here is the turning point; it is completely legal despite the ethical problems related to the personal inviolability of the passengers.

This is owing to Missouri’s so-called known one-way consent, in which a participant in the conversation must know that the record is taking place to make it legal.

However, the report draws attention to the fact that the two companies in the investigation have disabled the driving accounts.

In a statement, an Uber representative said, “Disruptive behavior in the video violated its community’s protocol owing to which driver’s access to the application was withdrawn until we evaluate the partnership with Uber.”

Alexandra LaManna, a Lyft representative said, “The safety and comfort of the Lyft community is our highest priority and we’ve disabled this driver.”

In an earlier statement, Lyft noted that drivers must mandatorily obey all the applicable local regulations and laws, including the use of a recording device.”

Uber also notes a similar policy on its website, stating that its drivers can use video cameras to record for their own safety, subject to local rules requiring rider’s permission.

In response to the overall recording and live streaming, the driver said the camera was installed for his security reasons along with the consent on the window stating that the car is integrated with audio and video recording devices for safety purpose. However, while talking with the passengers who were fed live after entering the car, stated that they didn’t like the whole concept of live streaming and felt it quiet disturbing.

IFFCO Rolls Out E-Commerce Website For Farmers

IFFCO Rolls Out E-Commerce Website For Farmers

IFFCO, the fertilizer major, has associated with Singapore-located tech company iMandi to begin an e-commerce website for farmers with almost Rs 80 Crore worth investment. An e-commerce applications, dubbed as “IFFCO iMandi,” has been rolled out that will supply to 5.5 Crore farmers already linked with the organization. A web platform has also been designed.

IFFCO eBazar Ltd., subsidiary of IFFCO, has taken 26% share in iMandi Pte Ltd. The rest of the 74% is with some other investors including I-tech Holdings. “After leading the campaign all over India to sensitize the farmers about the employment of digital and online payments, we are proud to surface with an application ‘IFFCO iMandi.’ It is an ultimate stop for agri inputs, electronics, FMCG, insurance, and loans,” U S Awasthi, Managing Director at IFFCO, claimed to the media in an interview.

iMandi will deal with all requirements of the farming society and plans to supply to captive consumer base of 55 Million farmers, he claimed further. The app was rolled out this week in Chandigarh. Founder of iMandi Pte, V K Agarwal, claimed that almost USD 12 Million has already been pumped in to roll out this portal and app while more USD 18 Million will be added to include additional features, comprising the facility for farmers to trade their products.

“We are aiming to reach gross merchandise value (GMV) of USD 5 Billion in the coming 2 Years,” he claimed. iMandi is obtainable at App Store and Play Store for download for iOS and Android handsets and also available on web at their official website.

On the same note, Marketing Director at IFFCO, Yogendra Kumar, claimed that in the near future farmers will also be capable of selling their product at the best prices online. The Delhi-located IFFCO has 35,000 members in its society. The organization posted an income of Rs 20,787 Crore in the previous fiscal. It made almost 8 Million Tons and traded 10.3 Million Tons of fertilizers last year.

Netflix Share Plummets As Subscription Growth Lose Pace

Netflix Share Plummets As Subscription Growth Lose Pace

Wall Street has been counting on the number of subscribers of Netflix, which has given it an extreme disappointment. The rate at which the organization was progressing has depleted remarkably, which has also slipped the shares by 14%.

Between April and June, only 5.2 million users have opted for the paid subscription. However, with the addition of the latest shows like 13 Reasons Why, Lost in Space, and Jessica Jones from Marvel, Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S was expecting the number of subscriptions to be more than 6 million.

In a letter to the shareholders, Netflix stated that the 2nd quarter was good but failed to live up to the expectations of the expert analysts. The letter also mentioned that the forecast was more than the reality, which has led to this scenario. Netflix stood in the second position for being the most robust performer on the index of S&P 500. The shares of the company had grown 109%, contributing to the steep hike in the index.

Netflix was at $400.48, which dipped down to $343.60.  The Chief Executive Officer of Patriarch, a private equity firm, Eric Schiffer stated that the 2nd Quarter has been disastrous which will also negatively affect the upcoming evaluations.

On the contrary, Wall Street is highly hopeful about the future of the video streaming giant. It believes that with the exponential rise in the demand for this trend, the positive prospect of the business is inevitable. The company is also not stepping back from acquiring a maximum number of paid subscribers. It has planned to spend $2 billion and $8 billion for marketing and programming respectively.

The experts had speculated an addition of 1.19 million subscribers from the US market, which was not met and got stuck at 670,000 users. However, Netflix is hopeful and satisfied with its progress and looks forward to gaining more customers over time.

PETA tries to make Céline Dion aware of the plight of animals

While Céline Dion has done a lot of talking about a picture on which she appears scantaly clad on the cover of Vogue magazine, it is rather a picture on which she is dressed in a long python skin coat that caused the reaction of Animal Welfare Organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

The photo, taken on June 28 at the the Royal Monceau Raffles in Paris, shows a Balmain set worth more than $ 25,000 including the famous coat, a t-shirt adorned with ‘A head of tiger and long suede boots.

“A snake-skin coat represents the death of several snakes, which are killed by nailing them to trees or by pumping large quantities of water into the body to release their skin before skinning them, often “They are still alive,” said Lisa Lange, senior vice president of PETA, in an e-mail exchange with Le Soleil .

The organization confirmed that it would try to sensitize the singer of Quebec to the fate of the animals after this episode.

“Céline Dion has the world at her fingertips and it would be so easy for her to show compassion for animals by wearing fake snake clothes, crocodile or any other chic vegan option,” Lange continues.


PETA on Wednesday sent a card to Céline Dion to congratulate her on the day she appeared in the python coat, a Givenchy fake leather overalls worth close to $ 2,000.

“We have just sent her a thank-you card for wearing this faux leather overall and we will most likely discuss this issue (the python coat) with her,” added Katie Arth, Deputy Director of Relations with Media at PETA.

This is not the first time that PETA has asked celebrities about their clothing choices. In May the organization sent a faux fur coat to the singer Rihanna and suggested that she leave her fur coats after seeing her wear one on a cruise organized by the Dior house.

In December 2016, Canadian singer Justin Bieber was spotted by PETA after being photographed wearing a thick fur coat in Los Angeles.

The company’s dealings have already convinced several stars to put aside the fur and leather, including actress Eva Mendes, model Evelyn Lozada and even Sharon Osbourne, wife and manager of metal singer Ozzy Osbourne.

Health: New Challenges for the LGBTQ Community In Canada

TORONTO – In 2017, it is difficult to find a doctor with a clear understanding of the health problems of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ) community, according to several experts consulted by #ONfr . The challenge is twofold when you want to obtain services in French.

“There is not enough French speaking physicians to meet the needs,” says Gilles Marchildon, Executive Director of Reflet Salvéo, a lead agency advising the Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) Greater Toronto Area.

In 2012, Reflet Salvéo noted the existence of deficiencies in the French-language health system to help victims of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Among other things, there was a lack of case management for Francophones. Five years later, progress has been made on this issue, says Marchildon.

For example, Reflet Salvéo’s Executive Director recalls the creation of two case management positions at the Center francophone de Toronto (CFT), which gives a major boost to the community.

“There is still work to be done,” he believes all the same.

Mr. Marchildon added that the health problems of the LGBTQ community are becoming more and more known, helping to advance the cause.

Incomprehension of health professionals

Arnaud Baudry, president of FrancoQueer, shares in part the report of Reflet Salvéo. However, it demonstrates that there are many challenges in the LGBTQ environment.

“There is a lack of understanding and lack of knowledge within the medical community regarding transgender people” – Arnaud Baudry.

The president of the francophone association of the LGBTQ community in Ontario says he heard several stories of transgender people about the difficulty of communicating these issues openly with physicians. The issue is even more important when it comes to obtaining health care in French.

“There are services in French but the problems are the same and the patients are faced with caregivers who do not fully understand their reality,” says FrancoQueer’s president.

“It is unbelievable that health services are one of the places where LGBTQ people are most uncomfortable when they are most in need of services to care for themselves, ” – Arnaud Baudry.

Mr. Baudry also regrets that the changes expected by the LGBTQ community within the Ontario health system are not occurring quickly enough.

A gray area around the PrEP

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), used to fight HIV, is becoming more and more popular in Canada.

However, Baudry and Marchildon note that there is still a gray area in Ontario with health professionals.

The cure can have two uses: either HIV prevention or the treatment of the virus. Its cost reaches $ 1,000 a month, says the president of FrancoQueer, which is a serious brake on its use.

In addition, Mr. Baudry regretted that doctors were not aware of the preventive use of the drug and that it was often the patient’s responsibility to inform the healthcare professionals.

For the president of FrancoQueer, it is clear that better education could make a big difference in the use of this drug.