Huobi Chain To Have Facebook Founder Zuckerberg’s Sister In The Advisory Committee

Huobi Chain To Have Facebook Founder Zuckerberg's Sister In The Advisory Committee

Randi Zuckerberg, who is the elder sister of the founder of social media giant Facebook named Mark Zuckerberg, was recently given a position in the Advisory Committee of the Huobi Chain. The lady, who is an entrepreneur as well as an author, is also working as the CEO of Zuckerberg Media, which is basically a firm dealing with content creation based in California, which was founded by her half-a-decade ago. This news came as bit of surprise for her as well as the media, and it seems that Randi has accepted the proposal and would be soon joining the league.

The lady is expected to join as many as seven other people who will be working in the Advisory committee along with her at the company. This committee has been formed after considering some serious goals such as to serve primarily as a type of think tank particularly for the platform of digital asset trading. The committee is expected to share some important professional advice along with sincere support during election phase of the Superhero Championship Program of the company. The program was actually launched some two months ago.

The main motto of this program launched by the company is to improve the community participation in the company as far as the development of the public blockchain of the company is concerned. The committee is also said to offer counsel related to the digital asset exchange in consideration with the matters regarding the development as well as the governance of the blockchain. The lady does not hold any position at the social media giant Facebook which is led by her brother, but she used to be a spokesperson as well as the Marketing Director at the company initially. Along with her, the advisory committee will have presence of Jihan Wu, who is the CEO of Bitmain; another crypto giant, among others.

S&P 500 at Record High Shows Investor Confidence and Good Earnings

S&P 500 at Record High Shows Investor Confidence and Good Earnings

The Stock Market never quits in its surprises!

Tuesday saw the S&P 500 index hit a fresh new high, an all-time high that has surpassed the earlier high level of January 26, which was at 2872.87. The S&P 500 went to touch a high of 2873.23, crossing the previous high.

While the S&P 500 increased by 5.91 points which is a 0.21 percent increase to close at 2,862.96, the Nasdaq gained 38.17 points to 7,859.17 which is a 0.49 percent increase.

With strong earnings growth last quarter coming in from all sectors, the fears from trade talks between China and the USA have been shrugged off.

Another record is the long span of the bull market which is seen for the past nine years. It has overpowered the bull span of the previous 1990’s bull market. Market watchers, who are keenly watching records, have something new to watch out for. The bull market has been on its positive run for 3,452 days, which is its longest duration.

Even with various problems ailing the market such as retaliatory trade tariffs imposed, hike in interest rates and economic disturbances, the markets continue being strong.

 Jamie Cox from Harris Financial, Virginia says that market will continue to be strong until the economy is strong and employment rate continues to remain positive along with good corporate earnings.

Kevin Caron from Crossing Advisors Washington says that investor optimism is being expressed through the market.

The policy meeting for August on Wednesday will show the Fed’s approach to hike rates for the future.

One can see the earnings profit growing at a very fast rate for the past two quarters of 2018. Thomson Reuter’s earnings-tracker says that almost 8 out of 10 companies are showing results above analyst forecasts while showing earnings growth of 27 percent in the first quarter.

This is the chief force that is driving the markets up as it has boosted investor confidence in business growth.

Pretty Woman: The Musical Get Mixed Reviews

Pretty Woman: The Musical is the Broadway rendition of what is arguably the most successful romantic comedies of last three decades. The Musical features Samantha Barks in the role of Vivian Ward, the character originally played by Julia Roberts in the film.

When it comes to reviews, there are mixed opinions among critics. While The Guardian has rated it as one star and dubbed it as a tasteless disaster, The Telegraph rated it as four stars and commended the chemistry between Samantha Barks and Andy Karl, her co-star, who also had a huge responsibility of doing justice to a character played by Richard Gere.

Diana Snyder, the critic from The Telegraph, stated that the duo made a highly entertaining and attractive couple. She added that Barks is shining and courageous and is able to find a strong emotional undercurrent in the sturdy businessman. Notably, the film, which is one of the highest-grossing romantic comedies of Hollywood, talks about a rich businessman, a prostitute and the relationship they share.

The Broadway musical was rated as four stars by The Stage. Mark Shenton, the critic from The Stage stated that the production is being driven by the expertise of the delivery, the sparks between the stars and the soft rock songs, by Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams. Shenton also praised the fierce voice of Kit, best friend of Vivian, played by actress Orfeh.

Alexis Soloski, the critic from The Guardian dubbed the adaptation as tuneful, cheap and offensive on an overall level. She highlighted that the adaptation, whose creative team consisted of all men, failed to give a proper storyline to the female protagonist and didn’t make any cultural changes. Adam Feldman, the reviewer from Time Out, on the other hand, termed the musical adaptation as an obedient copy of the original movie.

These Startups Are Using Processing In Flash Memory For Artificial Intelligence At The Edge

These Startups Are Using Processing In Flash Memory For Artificial Intelligence At The Edge

Two startups that include Syntiant which is based in California and Mythic which is based in Texas seem to be on the same page here, in case of using the flash memory. Both the startups believe that they can use the embedded flash memory in order to greatly reduce the large amount of power that is actually needed to perform some deep-learning computations. And as it seems, both of them can be right in this case. Many companies are now planning on delivering chips to accelerate the deep learning applications which are inherently difficult and involve a significant amount of effort.

Since all these solutions are created because of the shape of the problem in the picture, it is of no surprise that they are similar to a certain degree, as per Dave Fick, who is the founder and also works as the CTO at Mythic.

This problem is actually shaped like some sort of traffic jam of data, when it is executed in a CPU. And the major energy expenditure as far as deep learning is concerned is the ability to move the weights which denote the strength of the connections that are formed in a neural network, in order to represent the same digitally at the right time and in the right place.

Kurt Busch, CEO at Syntiant, said that their company’s approach is about eliminating the memory power penalties along with the memory bandwidth by doing the computation in the memory. The company Mythic is also working on a similar strategy for the accomplishment of a similar result.

But while the companies appear to be completely on the same page, it seems that there are some major differences as well. One of the major ones is the difference between the target customers of the companies along with the difference in the applications.

This Pterodactyl Fossil Estimated To Be The Oldest One Found Till Date

This Pterodactyl Fossil Estimated To Be The Oldest One Found Till Date

The paleontologists have recently discovered pterodactyl fossils which are considered to be the oldest ones ever found. The fossils have been found in the Utah desert. These are not the remains of some dinosaur species rather these are the fossils of a new flying species, which is indeed an achievement from the paleontologists’ perspective. The fossils are said to be of a strange bird that used to circle above the desert nearly 210 million years ago and the bird had huge fangs and a five-foot long wingspan as well. The scientists have even suggested that this creature, whose fossils were found, must have been the first ever flying vertebrate that ever lived on this planet, based on a study that was released on Monday.Earlier, the researchers used to believe that the first flying vertebrate existed at a different time, but this new discovery has pushed back the period by as many as 65 million years, all the way back to the Triassic period. This new specimen of the pterodactyl species, which are also called as pterosaurs by the scientists, is now named Caelestiventus Hanseni, which means ‘heavenly wind’ in Latin. This animal is said to have lived at the same time of the dinosaurs. The study that was released also noted that these specimens are very well preserved. The fossils also consist of a skull which is almost completely intact. This is said to be a remarkable discovery by the experts in the field.

Until this discovery, there were just 30 of these Triassic pterodactyl specimens on the planet and most of the fossils were only a single bone. Another important fact to be noted here that none of these pterosaurs that were discovered earlier in the form of fossils ever lived in the deserts. This means that these were widely spread across the entire planet and these could live comfortably in different environments.

Papa John’s Founder’s Racially Insensitive Remark Caused Sales To Decline By 10.5%

It is said that words once said cannot be taken back. How Papa John’s might be wishing right now that they may be able to roll back time to prevent a calamitous comment from their founder. The company’s founder, John Schnatter, caused his own company’s undoing, as his “irresponsible and inexcusable comments” have ensured that their sales have plunged by 10.5 percent, as stated by the current CEO Steve Ritchie during a conversation with analysts. Executive and shareholders of Papa John’s should be bracing for a storm in the foreseeable future.

Schnatter had been ruffling many feathers for quite some time, going back to November’s earnings call last year, where he was critical of the NFL, which has Papa John’s as its sponsor, saying that it was soft on players who were kneeling during the national anthem before the games. The act of kneeling had gained much mileage, as the players were united in the protests concerning police brutality against colored people. However, the final nail in the coffin might have been his use of the N-word during a conference call in May.

Schnatter had stepped down from the CEO position last December, but had to give up his Chairman post as well in July, as his comments from May came to light. The company endured a greatly underperforming second quarter, and thus had to drastically lower its yearly forecast. The sales expectations for stores that are open for at least the year ahead may fall between 7 to 10 percent, against earlier estimations of not more than 3% fall in sales. Schnatter is still on board as the Director, and owns 30% of Papa John’s shares. Ritchie said that he hoped that the company would tread a new path from this moment onwards and take the brand ahead.

Meanwhile, players in the NFL are standing united over President Trump’s National Anthem policy, with Green Bay Packers’ quarter-back Aaron Rodgers speaking out against Mr. Trump, saying that if it was up to him, he would not hesitate in muting out Trump’s voice. Trump has been a frequent critic of the protests by players, as well as the league’s handling of the players. Rodgers and some other players have been at the receiving end of fan’s ire over the protests, but he reiterated that they were not against the nation’s military, but their protest is all about equality, unity and love.

Samsung Might Roll Out Launch Bixby Smart Speaker To Overtake On Google Home And Amazon Echo

Samsung, the South Korean electronic behemoth, appears to be seriously considering making big decisions in the segment for voice assistant. Bixby, the voice assistant for Samsung, may have bright future if reports of the firm rolling out a Bixby smart speaker are factual. While the company has obligated its Bixby assistant in all its Galaxy handsets, it has not created much of a hype amongst Android handsets consumers who are more attracted of Google Assistant.

Now, Samsung is allegedly operating on a smart speaker below its latest trademark Magbee. The speaker can be rolled out as early as August 9, 2018, at the time of its launch for Galaxy Note 9. The “Magbee” brand lately got revealed from a latest trademark application with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). Below the brand, the alleged smart speaker can be the first device and the branding might be expanded to other linked gadgets that will operate with Bixby.

While there is no authorized news on whether the firm will roll out the Magbee smart device at the time of the launch event for Galaxy Note 9 on August 9,2018, rumors recommend that the firm may also roll out its new wearable with the phablet.

Lately, the firm unintentionally listed the Samsung Galaxy Watch on its US retail site. According to the listing the wearable will is a rose gold model with 42 mm in dimension and will have SM-R810NZDAXAR as model number. Besides this, the listing offers no data about the price or roll out date of the wearable. The leak has verified that Samsung has indeed left the Gear branding from the wearable since the new device is dubbed as Galaxy Watch. Lately it was also claimed that the company is aiming to bring the support of Bixby to the Galaxy Watch.

HP Launches New Desktops And Notebooks In The HP Elite Portfolio

HP Launches New Desktops And Notebooks In The HP Elite Portfolio

HP Inc. has branched out its Elite series with the role out of new portfolio of desktops, notebooks, and displays in India. The new gadgets in the HP Elite portfolio comprise HP Elite x2 1013 G3, HP EliteBook x360 1030 G3, HP EliteOne 1000 AiO G2, and HP EliteBook 1050 G1. They have a price tag of Rs 1,79,900, Rs 1,49,900, Rs 1,73,645, and Rs 1,59,900, respectively.

The newest HP Elite portfolio sports utmost versatility to securely create, connect, and collaborate at anytime and from anywhere, the firm claimed to the media in an interview.

The latest HP EliteBook x360 1030 G3 is stated to be the smallest business convertible notebook in the world. The device is 15.8 mm thin and has a weight of 2.76 lbs. It is claimed to have a battery life worth 18 Hours. As per the firm, it is the first gadget to sport Embedded Reimaging with optional HP Sure Recover. This function permits to amass the software system image in embedded storage that makes sure data recovery when the hard drive is wiped and in nonattendance of network connection.

HP Elite x2 1013 G3 has a 12-inch chassis & 13-inch screen and is claimed to be smallest detachable notebook in the world. The device provides quad core Intel chipset and almost 4G Cat9 LTE support for connectivity.

Advertized to be the first ultra-slim business notebook in the world, HP EliteBook 1050 G1 has support for graphics from NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050. The device has almost 4 TB of SSD storage and is fueled by hexa core chipset. The firm states that the gadget has battery life of up to 16 Hours for all-day productivity and connectivity.

Earlier this month, HP revealed new lineup of HP Z workstation that the firm claims to be the most powerful entry workstations in the world.

NASA May Have Discovered And Then Destroyed Organic Molecules On Mars In 1976

NASA May Have Discovered And Then Destroyed Organic Molecules On Mars In 1976

According to recent reports, NASA may have discovered what could have potentially been the earliest detection of organics present on Mars, and then caused its accidental destruction. This comes on the heels of NASA’s first corroboration of the organic molecules present on the Red Planet in 2014. Scientists have always suspected presence of such molecules there because of constant bombardment on Mars of the meteorites which are rich in carbon. A mission sent to Mars in 1976 for discovering these molecules however, yielded no results, much to the surprise of researchers.

A scientist at the Ames Research Center of NASA stated that this result was not expected by them, as they thought it to be inconsistent with their data. A plausible explanation obtained was that perchlorate, which was observed on Mars, burned up under high temperature, and the instruments used to find the organics needed to heat up the surface first, which could have caused burning of the samples. However, scientists were not satisfied completely with this theory, so they continued further studies. With this in mind, scientists again visited the Red Planet to see if they had missed something. The team found that the earlier mission in 1976 would also have detected chlorobenzene, but it was not a proof that they had destroyed the molecules. Still, opinions of the scientists are divided.

Meanwhile, NASA has a trash problem on its hands, and it has been asking for suggestions from the general public regarding ways to dispose the garbage in future space missions. NASA had laid out a concept for Trash Compaction and Processing Systems, wherein it had requested a need for partners to attain this objective. Any of the concepts should fulfill four main objectives: storage of trash in both long and short-terms, processing, stabilizing, and managing effluents. NASA has been itself trying to tackle this issue by turning trash into gas, as well as recovering residual water from the garbage. NASA will be meeting with industrial partners on July 24 to further detail its plans.

Google And Apple Questioned By Congress Members Regarding User Tracking

Google And Apple Questioned By Congress Members Regarding User Tracking

CEOs of Alphabet and Apple have been sent letters by the Top House Republicans of the Energy and Commerce Committee. They have requested them to respond to queries regarding the data collection through their devices—such as location data, emails, and voices of the users.

The notes, addressed to Larry Page of Alphabet and Tim Cook of Apple, are partly a reaction to previous reports that mentioned Google allows the third-party apps to get into Gmail data of the user. The letter to Google also mentions a November 2017 report that stated it tracked locations of Android users even when location services were put out of action on their devices.

The Committee, in a press release, also solicited both firms for replies to the following remarks on whether our devices are really eavesdropping in on our talks.

“Recent reports have also proposed that smartphone devices can, and in few cases, do, gather ‘non-triggered’ audio details from the conversations of users near a smartphone so as to listen to a ‘trigger’ phrase, for instance, ‘hey Siri’ or ‘okay Google.’ Also, it has been proposed that third-party apps have access to and utilize this ‘non-triggered’ information without revelation to users.”

Although last week the key heat concentrated on Google and Alphabet, its parent firm; also the lawmakers are pushing Apple to disclose regarding what sort of access third-parties have via the App Store. The letters remind the companies’ CEOs of their pledges to user privacy and enclose numerous questions concerning their practices.

In a statement, Google said, “Protecting the privacy of our users and securing their details is of supreme significance. We look forward to responding to the questions of the Committee.”

Page and Cook are deemed to reply by July 23. Also, a complaint is being filed against Cook and Co. in northern California’s US federal district court that logs a breach of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.