The Motorcycle Isn’t The Innovative Product For Harley Davidson

The American Motorcycle company Harley Davison has a rich history and expertise in manufacturing motor bikes which has a significant style to it; it has its own legacy of the motorcycle. But the company faced a recent turmoil because of the uncertainty in the trade business in the USA, but nevertheless, the company still managed a good solution regarding their production and trade. With this Harley Davidson recently has gone through the technological updates in their products.

Harley Davidson is putting a lot in the technological perspective of the company an introduced a Boom Box GTS infotainment system for their cushiest bike i.e. Touring Machines and Cruisers.  These bikes will get the infotainment system consisting of a 6.5-inch screen with Gorilla Glass in it, which will be working like a smartphone i.e. touch responses pinch in and pinch out. Harley Davison claims that they have improved the system by dropping the start-up time to 10 sec from 21 sec, route calculation time is reduced to 2.5 sec from 10 sec and massive improvement. Only this improvement has not been made, a dedicated map system for riders of the Harley Davidson with map functions and a road trip supporting app will be enabled in the system.

According to the statement released by the spokesperson of the Harley Davidson, the Boom Box will use the feature of voice recognition for the rider’s convenience, alternative route function in which riders can choose the option of having a shortest route, fastest route, Twisty and Scenic route feature. This navigational system would have an integration from the all the platform like iOS and Android.  With this navigation system, the rider could leverage a lot form it like choosing the best route to visit the destination they want to reach in a number of ways.

This shows that Harley Davidson is using the most out of technological advancement which is kind of a good move to retain their customers.

Remembering Aretha…The Queen Of Soul

An era has indeed come to an end with Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul. She left for the heavenly abode at the age of 76 leaving her admirers and fans with beautiful memories to cherish forever. She has performed in various renowned functions like the inauguration ceremonies of the three of the US presidents. She was also a strong advocate for the movement of civil rights.

There is not a living soul who could hold back the tears. Bill and Hillary Clinton stated in unison that she had moved the souls of the people across the world for 50 years. Barack Obama also added that through her music, she had assisted in defining the American Experience.

She was the winner of 18 Grammy awards along with 17 top 10 US chart hits throughout her career. Last year, she also announced to retire from her career. She was diagnosed with neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer in 2010, which caused the untimely death of the legend. She also received the award of Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005 from George W Bush, then President. She was also praised for stirring the hearts of millions of people residing in the US.

Clinton also stated that she was a graceful and elegant personality who has never compromised on the perfection in her performances. She was also declared one of the greatest treasures of America.

The American Civil Liberties Union or the ACLU also stated that she ensured that the black ladies have their importance. Barack and Michelle Obama also stated that they could relate their lives and feel the same with her unmatched voice. They also stated that she had helped them realize the importance of being human and more hopeful. The present President of the US, Donald Trump tweeted that her voice was a gift from God.

XRP Declines By 90% In Compared To Its Highest Price In 2018

XRP, the third largest market capitalization in the cryptocurrency world, fell on Tuesday at its lowest price in 2018.

Shortly after Monday’s close, the cryptocurrency fell for the first time since December 12, 2017, to $0.27 cents, according to CoinDesk price information. XRP was last seen at $0.2705, down 2.95% since opening day.

At the press time, XRP was one of the biggest losers of the top 10 crypto-coins by market capitalization, and reports a loss of 36% in 7 days, according to CoinMarketCap data. Individual market capitalization also fell by more than $5.4 Billion, during this period.

Ripple had the largest share of profits in the last year, and 92% lower than the record of $ 3.75. According to pricing information from CoinDesk, XRP was functioning at $ 0.16 cents exactly a year ago, some of which speculated on further price declines.

Cryptocurrency XRP is among many networks to see decreasing values during Monday’s session. Such known cryptos, include bitcoin cash, ether, and Cardano, with recorded losses of more than 7% to 12% in just 24 Hours.

The total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies declined by almost $ 14 Billion from the peak of $214.4 Billion yesterday and is currently just over $200 Billion, according to the data showed by CoinMarketCap.

Litecoin has also witnessed a drop in the present year. It fell by 8.78% compared to its previous year. The drop point was the lowest in the present year. Some of the other cryptos such as eos and ethereum had to witness a drop of 7.96% and 6.89% respectively. At present, there has been no show of positive revival. Leading crypto, bitcoin had also got its numbers lowered; it dropped by 4.86% in last 24 Hours period.

AAP Urge Parents To Stop Microwaving & Dishwashing Plastic Containers

AAP Urge Parents To Stop Microwaving & Dishwashing Plastic Containers

The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) is looking forward to making some serious federal food safety rules, especially in the case of children. The committee warned parents and guardians to avoid dishwashing and microwaving of plastic containers that have the hazardous chemicals.

As per a published report last week, the medical experts found a lot of proofs of chemicals present in food color, food packaging materials as well as in preservatives.

Lead author, Leonardo Trasande, shared with USA Today, “The report does not only have the secured and required measures that the medical professionals should talk about with the families and parents, but it as well as the step and precautionary measures that FDA should consider, as well as the manufacturer should as well consider, to limit the use of chemicals as much as possible to avoid any health hazard for the young ones.”

As per the AAP, the most significant thing which the parents should look into is that heating plastic containers and bottles in microwave increase the possibilities of leaking the harmful chemicals.

As per the report, plastic containers with recycling codes such as 3 that is used for phthalates, or let it be 6 that is referred for bisphenols and/or if it is 7 dedicated for bisphenols should be completely ignored. Stainless steel or Glass containers reported safe for using in place.

Megan McSeveney, press officer, shared with USA Today that the United States’ FDA department is analyzing the report outcomes. She also shared a point that utilizing the additives which are recognized as safe to use by FDA is really safe to use if done as per directions.

If the new analysis shows any proof that the substance of additive is harmful, the FDA has all rights reserved to change the earlier guidelines as well as the need that the utilization of the substance of additives, in this case, should be reduced or completely stopped.

Google To Assist You Write Docs Correctly Without Grammatical Mistakes

Google To Assist You Write Docs Correctly Without Grammatical Mistakes

Google is experimenting on a fresh tool dubbed as “grammar suggestions” for Google Docs (its word processor app). This tool will be incorporated directly into the spell-checking tool to assist consumers avoid grammatical mistakes.

The latest tool that will highlight and underline probable grammatical mistakes with a blue line, is in the testing phase and has been made obtainable to qualified applicants of Google’s EAP (Early Adopter Program), reported Android Headlines this week.

The complete-featured checker will permit consumers to wait until they have ended typing up a file prior to correcting any probable errors. The real-time checker will automatically process through the underlined phrases or words and the consumer will have the alternative to either fix or ignore the errors.

“Google claims that its grammar checker is fueled by the same ML (Machine Learning) algorithms as its natural language search and spelling checker feature. This indicates that the tools must incessantly enhance over time and as more consumers take benefit of it,” the report claimed. The Office software by Microsoft also integrates a similar “grammar check” feature to keep up the speed in the document editing sector.

On a related note, Google is gearing up for the roll out is its next-gen Pixel handsets, which will arrive with the newest editions of Android OS. Keeping the roll out timeline in mind the tech behemoth has now rolled out the Android P’s final developer preview. The beta 4 or developer Preview 5 or for Android P is the most steady version and you can put your hands on it before the next month’s final launch.

The company has claimed that the beta 4 for Android P integrates all the final system behaviors. This indicates that the functions that are fraction of this update are absolutely arriving to the upcoming version.

Texas Instruments CEO Brian Crutcher Resigns For Violating The Code Of Conduct

Texas Instruments (TI), a technology company from America, recently announced that Brian Crutcher, CEO of the company, has resigned from his post. Reportedly, the reason behind this resignation is said to the violation of the code of conduct of the company that was related to the personal behavior.

However, the company spokesman refused to explain the nature of the violation and if it was related to a personal relationship or any other issue. Crutcher had served the company for more than two decades before taking up the responsibility of a CEO.

The company also announced that Richard Templeton, Chairman of the company, will take charge of the president and CEO positions. Also, TI explained that the recent appointment of Templeton is not a temporary one, and the board is not in search of the replacement. As per the recent reports, TI faced a 2% fall in shares after-hours trade on Tuesday. In this year, the stock had successfully climbed more than 10% so far.

On a similar note, earlier last month, TI had partnered with the Department of Science and Technology and announced that the partnership will be introducing DST–TI India Innovation Challenge Design Contest (IICDC). This contest was intended for the engineering students.

As per the contest, the winning teams were supposed to get a fund of about Rs 8.2 Crore from Texas Instruments and DST. The company also proclaimed that Indian engineering students will be offered with an opportunity to grab more than 15,000 certificates during different stages of the contest.

Texas Instruments had proclaimed that the registrations were opened on June 20, 2018. The company also stated that the registration is open till August 31, 2018. It also introduced a committed TI-IICDC page on MyGov portal.

ACLU Proclaims It Was Unable To Verify Migrant Reunifications

ACLU Proclaims It Was Unable To Verify Migrant Reunifications

Attorneys seeking for the reunification of the migrant children with their parents who were separated at the southern border proclaimed on Thursday that they were unable to confirm the Trump administration’s claim related with the immigrants’ reunification. According to the administration’s declaration, nearly 5 Dozen immigrant kids were successfully reunited with their parents.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) accused immigration officials in a federal court filing, as they had not allowed attorneys and human rights workers to validate the 57 reunifications. The reunification of kids with less than 5 years old age to their parents was announced by the Health and Human Services and Homeland Security departments on Thursday morning.

The ACLU proclaimed that the immigration officials did not keep their promise to inform attorneys about the place and timings of every reunification. They also did not allow the third parties to witness them. The ACLU further stated that the authorities only provided a general prediction that was responsible for making the reunification process impossible to verify.

On the other hand, the DHS and the DOJ spokespeople refused to comment when asked about the same. The ACLU in its filing accused immigration officials for forcing some parents to pay for travel. The organization also stated that one parent was asked to wire $1,900 to Western Union as a reunification cost. Additionally, it stated that some migrants said they were asked to pay for DNA tests, however, the organization didn’t provide details of the same.

On a related note, approximately, 1,000 immigrants from about 47 different countries will be offered the U.S. Citizenship. On Wednesday, the U.S. Citizenship and immigration services introduced about 975 immigrants as the latest U.S. citizens. Recently, thousands of people from 47 countries had filled the El Paso County Coliseum. All of the foreign nationals had to go through meticulous civics instructions and testing.

No Nitrogen For Coral Reef: Are Rats The Culprit Or Are They Innocent?

There are several naturally grown things which are good for an island like birds dropping. Guano is filled with nitrogen, a fertilizer that enhances the growth of plants and birds are the robust supplier.

However, there are some bad things as well, such as invasive rats that tend to destroy everything coming into their way, like eggs and chicks of bird, which do not know how to deal with their mammalian predators. But, the result of this sort of invasion is far from the impacting the ecosystem only, and even to the regions which never comes in your thought, which has the surrounding coral reefs on the island incorporated.

Graham, which tracking the element, could experience that how rats have impacted the population of seabird, that eventually impacts the nitrogen stores of the island. The collected samples of the soil of various parts of the island show that the region where there is no invasion by the rats, the amount of nitrogen elements from bird’s dropping is 250% more than the area invaded by the rats.

The research team as well discovered a higher level of nitrogen components in fish and reef algae in the area which is rat-free. Graham says, “The rats are responsible for interrupting the system, and seabirds avoid visiting that part of the island which impacts the nitrogen deposit.”

Director of science, Nick Holmes, Island Conservation group, says, “Rats were antedating the newborn saplings that were sprouting and consuming the seeds.” So, this makes the rats an unwanted group of engineers of the forest, and it is very much clear that forest is the baseline of every ecosystem, be it seabirds or invertebrates.

In 2013, as soon as the researchers started the eradication of the rats, the native seedlings increased by 130%, and the counting of arthropods such as crabs and insects went on high like a rocket with an increase of 350%.

NFL May Permit Teams to Wear Alternates Thrice

NFL May Permit Teams to Wear Alternates Thrice

Although “Color Rush” as a trick might have become dead, but there is no change in the uniforms and they are not going away. In fact, there is a possibility that they will become more prevalent in some areas.

Albert Breer of proclaimed that the NFL has taken the decision to permit players to dress in their color rush sports shirts or alternate/throwback jerseys for three times for a season.

As per the previous rules, the team was allowed for throwbacks two times and color rush for only one time. In some places, that was two or three as well. The league has decided to ditch the necessity that teams wear them for Thursday night games. Now, teams are allowed to wear the alternate uniform(s) as per their choice up to three times, in total.

However, it is also said to be a marketing opportunity for teams that actually like the homochromatic look. They also can have alternate choices that people actually appreciate.

On a related note, reportedly, the sources familiar with the proceedings explained Yahoo Sports that the NFL is trying to force Colin Kaepernick’s collusion case against the league to a shutdown.

As per a subsection of Article 17, the portion of the collective-bargaining agreement that states about the collusion cases, the NFL has appealed that arbitrator Stephen Burbank should provide a summary judgment in the case.

The recent request puts the future aspects of this case in the hands of Burbank. Now, Burbank needs to decide whether Kaepernick’s legal team has revealed satisfactory evidence to continue the quarterback’s action against the league.

If Burbank rules that Kaepernick’s attorneys have discovered evidence to move toward a hearing, the case will carry on further, probably with the added depositions. If he uncovers that the present discovery proof is not sufficient to advance, he has an authority to discharge the case in favor of the NFL.

Drive Ola And Uber Without The Need Of A Commercial License

Regular consumers of ride-hailing services can anticipate waiting times to be reduced. This will happen if they reside in Karnataka, India. In a decision that might quickly extend the pool of accessible drivers, the transport department of the state has made a decision to introduce a notification permitting users who have a legitimate private LMV (light motor vehicle) driving license to ply taxis, without having the need to get a commercial license.

Since May 2018, taxi aggregators such as Uber and Ola have been inviting individuals with a valid license to join their services and increase their revenue. But many were uncertain, as the department of transport had not taken an apparent position on this. “The Court’s instruction did away with the method of getting a different commercial license to ply taxi. Now anybody can turn into a taxi driver if he has a legitimate driving license,” claimed Naveen Raj Singh, the Transport Commissioner, to the media in an interview.

On a related note, Ola earlier received $2 Billion financial support from a team of sponsors that comprises Tencent Holdings and SoftBank Group, claimed the industry insiders. The funding will assist Ola boost its place against Uber, the US-based rival. The two are busy in a strong battle for control in the market of India and have invested in billions of dollars in discounted rides and driver incentives for users. Various sources, who did not wish to be recognized as the talks are sensitive, claimed that the round is still to be concluded and the figures might add up to almost $2 Billion when it takes place.

A declaration might be made soon, they further added. SoftBank and Ola refused to speak on the issue while Tencent was not available instantly. ANI Technologies, which operates Ola, has previously lifted various rounds of funding.