Huobi Chain To Have Facebook Founder Zuckerberg’s Sister In The Advisory Committee

Randi Zuckerberg, who is the elder sister of the founder of social media giant Facebook named Mark Zuckerberg, was recently given a position in the Advisory Committee of the Huobi Chain. The lady, who is an entrepreneur as well as an author, is also working as the CEO of Zuckerberg Media, which is basically a firm dealing with content creation based in California, which was founded by her half-a-decade ago. This news came as bit of surprise for her as well as the media, and it seems that Randi has accepted the proposal and would be soon joining the league.

The lady is expected to join as many as seven other people who will be working in the Advisory committee along with her at the company. This committee has been formed after considering some serious goals such as to serve primarily as a type of think tank particularly for the platform of digital asset trading. The committee is expected to share some important professional advice along with sincere support during election phase of the Superhero Championship Program of the company. The program was actually launched some two months ago.

The main motto of this program launched by the company is to improve the community participation in the company as far as the development of the public blockchain of the company is concerned. The committee is also said to offer counsel related to the digital asset exchange in consideration with the matters regarding the development as well as the governance of the blockchain. The lady does not hold any position at the social media giant Facebook which is led by her brother, but she used to be a spokesperson as well as the Marketing Director at the company initially. Along with her, the advisory committee will have presence of Jihan Wu, who is the CEO of Bitmain; another crypto giant, among others.

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