Apple To Permit 3rd-Party Certified iPhone Repairs By Simply Mac

In what may take the load off from the authorized Apple repair team and offer consumers with an option to get their broken iPhones fixed, the tech major has supposedly made an entry in an agreement with Simply Mac (the 3rd-party service provider and reseller) to provide authorized repairs for screens.

As per the media report, Simply Mac is one of the world’s biggest Apple Authorized Service Provider chains and only 5 of its 50 shops have the right equipment and tools. The firm had been carrying out 3rd-party unauthorized screen repairs as the tools required for certified repairs are not given out for free by Apple.

Now, it appears the two firms have joined hands where the iPhone manufacturer will offer the essential tools and equipment, and in return, Simply Mac will have to stop its 3rd-party repairs.

Speaking of Apple, the firm has verified to have suspended Onavo security app by Facebook from its App Store. The app supposedly did not follow the privacy rules arranged by Apple. In 2013, Facebook had obtained Israel-located Onavo and had placed it as a security app that enabled consumers to browse via a VPN (virtual private network). On the other hand, Facebook is claimed to have never cited this fact evidently that it controls the app.

Also, this is the same Onavo application that was investigated in the US by the Congress over concerns that the application had gathered data about consumers. In its answer, Facebook refused this but confessed to have employed Onavo to collect data such as how people use them and other popular apps. Now, Apple has suspended Onavo for exactly these reasons from its App Store.

“With the newest update to our rules, we made it overtly clear that apps must not gather data about which other apps are downloaded on a consumer’s device for advertising/marketing and analytics purposes,” claimed Apple.

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