US Cyber Attack Laws Relaxed

The Wall Street News has reported that US President, Donald Trump, has put his seal on an order to go easy with the rules in case of the cyber attacks. This decision has revoked the orders of the previous President, Barack Obama. Obama had earlier sanctioned the involvement of various federal agencies to decide to start any cyber attack. The important details of the current order are not known as it is confidential information. An officer involved has said that US is in the process of going towards a hostile step ahead. The government is under constant duress to control the growing number of threats on the cyber world. There is an increased concern regarding the over use of state funded infrastructure to curb the situation.

A Computer Scientist from Surrey University says that US is not in favor of taking aggressive actions in the cyber world but this policy is not true for some other countries. The reaction to control this kind of situation does not have to be materialistic. He further says that as physical attacks are carried out after thorough research and analysis so same rules should be followed in case of cyber space. In the times of President Obama, a number of agencies were required to collectively take any decision for usage of cyber weapons. This order was considered to be too rigid by some law enforcers. This confidential process seeped out to public in the year 2013 by Edward Snowden, an ex- intelligence contractor.

This year, in the month of June, US ordered penalties on five Russian firms. These companies were supposedly helping the major intelligence bureau of Russia. The firms and also three citizens are banned from performing any business or financial dealings which involves the US. All the US companies are also prohibited to do any business with these firms.

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