The Motorcycle Isn’t The Innovative Product For Harley Davidson

The American Motorcycle company Harley Davison has a rich history and expertise in manufacturing motor bikes which has a significant style to it; it has its own legacy of the motorcycle. But the company faced a recent turmoil because of the uncertainty in the trade business in the USA, but nevertheless, the company still managed a good solution regarding their production and trade. With this Harley Davidson recently has gone through the technological updates in their products.

Harley Davidson is putting a lot in the technological perspective of the company an introduced a Boom Box GTS infotainment system for their cushiest bike i.e. Touring Machines and Cruisers.  These bikes will get the infotainment system consisting of a 6.5-inch screen with Gorilla Glass in it, which will be working like a smartphone i.e. touch responses pinch in and pinch out. Harley Davison claims that they have improved the system by dropping the start-up time to 10 sec from 21 sec, route calculation time is reduced to 2.5 sec from 10 sec and massive improvement. Only this improvement has not been made, a dedicated map system for riders of the Harley Davidson with map functions and a road trip supporting app will be enabled in the system.

According to the statement released by the spokesperson of the Harley Davidson, the Boom Box will use the feature of voice recognition for the rider’s convenience, alternative route function in which riders can choose the option of having a shortest route, fastest route, Twisty and Scenic route feature. This navigational system would have an integration from the all the platform like iOS and Android.  With this navigation system, the rider could leverage a lot form it like choosing the best route to visit the destination they want to reach in a number of ways.

This shows that Harley Davidson is using the most out of technological advancement which is kind of a good move to retain their customers.

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