Pretty Woman: The Musical Get Mixed Reviews

Pretty Woman: The Musical is the Broadway rendition of what is arguably the most successful romantic comedies of last three decades. The Musical features Samantha Barks in the role of Vivian Ward, the character originally played by Julia Roberts in the film.

When it comes to reviews, there are mixed opinions among critics. While The Guardian has rated it as one star and dubbed it as a tasteless disaster, The Telegraph rated it as four stars and commended the chemistry between Samantha Barks and Andy Karl, her co-star, who also had a huge responsibility of doing justice to a character played by Richard Gere.

Diana Snyder, the critic from The Telegraph, stated that the duo made a highly entertaining and attractive couple. She added that Barks is shining and courageous and is able to find a strong emotional undercurrent in the sturdy businessman. Notably, the film, which is one of the highest-grossing romantic comedies of Hollywood, talks about a rich businessman, a prostitute and the relationship they share.

The Broadway musical was rated as four stars by The Stage. Mark Shenton, the critic from The Stage stated that the production is being driven by the expertise of the delivery, the sparks between the stars and the soft rock songs, by Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams. Shenton also praised the fierce voice of Kit, best friend of Vivian, played by actress Orfeh.

Alexis Soloski, the critic from The Guardian dubbed the adaptation as tuneful, cheap and offensive on an overall level. She highlighted that the adaptation, whose creative team consisted of all men, failed to give a proper storyline to the female protagonist and didn’t make any cultural changes. Adam Feldman, the reviewer from Time Out, on the other hand, termed the musical adaptation as an obedient copy of the original movie.

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