This Pterodactyl Fossil Estimated To Be The Oldest One Found Till Date

The paleontologists have recently discovered pterodactyl fossils which are considered to be the oldest ones ever found. The fossils have been found in the Utah desert. These are not the remains of some dinosaur species rather these are the fossils of a new flying species, which is indeed an achievement from the paleontologists’ perspective. The fossils are said to be of a strange bird that used to circle above the desert nearly 210 million years ago and the bird had huge fangs and a five-foot long wingspan as well. The scientists have even suggested that this creature, whose fossils were found, must have been the first ever flying vertebrate that ever lived on this planet, based on a study that was released on Monday.Earlier, the researchers used to believe that the first flying vertebrate existed at a different time, but this new discovery has pushed back the period by as many as 65 million years, all the way back to the Triassic period. This new specimen of the pterodactyl species, which are also called as pterosaurs by the scientists, is now named Caelestiventus Hanseni, which means ‘heavenly wind’ in Latin. This animal is said to have lived at the same time of the dinosaurs. The study that was released also noted that these specimens are very well preserved. The fossils also consist of a skull which is almost completely intact. This is said to be a remarkable discovery by the experts in the field.

Until this discovery, there were just 30 of these Triassic pterodactyl specimens on the planet and most of the fossils were only a single bone. Another important fact to be noted here that none of these pterosaurs that were discovered earlier in the form of fossils ever lived in the deserts. This means that these were widely spread across the entire planet and these could live comfortably in different environments.

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