Triple M Just Got Approved For The Sale Of Recreational Marijuana

Triple M, which is the first and only medical marijuana business in Plymouth has many reasons to rejoice. One of the most important reasons is that the business just received the state certification for the operation of a medical marijuana store which will be at the same location. On Thursday, three licenses were approved for Triple M, which are related to the sale of medical marijuana, after the state Cannabis Control commission met and voted in Boston.

The business, Triple M, is located at 9 Collins Ave. The three licenses that were granted to the company are for the cultivation, selling, as well as the processing of the medical marijuana. The zoning board of appeals in the town has also approved this special permit.

Kevin O’Reilly, who is the Chief Operating Officer at Triple M, said that the recreational store would be open for the people in the month of October, after finishing the pending work related to the modification of the building. The business has been operating the medical marijuana business at the mentioned site since the month of February, after its doors opened for the certificate holders of medical marijuana.

This new business is expected to bring even more money for the town through the host agreement done by the company. Triple M already pays $100,000 to Plymouth as a part of the host agreement of the company along with $106,000 as a part of the property taxes. O’Reilly also said the town already gets 3 percent of the state taxes on the recreational marijuana and another 3 percent is given by the company making it 6 percent in total.

Speaking of marijuana, the medical marijuana which is used by cancer patients or others generally needs more of a psychoactive component called as THC. This THC is used more in the medical marijuana but relatively lesser in the recreational marijuana.

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