Blue Whale-Akin Challenge Making Its Attendance On WhatsApp

In the newest example of social media incorrectly influencing teens and children, the suicide in Argentina of a 12-year-old teen is reportedly being connected to something dubbed as the Momo challenge. Being a social media account on Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube, Momo is employing the image of Mother Bird (a horror artwork) by Link Factory to tempt curiosity among kids, challenging them to interact with an unknown number, the media reported.

The creepy account seems to be linked to 3 numbers in Mexico, Japan, and Columbia. If a consumer refuses to follow the orders in the game, Momo bullies them with violent pictures. According to cybercrime experts, Momo challenge is nothing but a fraud that is intended for stealing data.

Speaking of cybercrime, cybersecurity start-up Darktrace employs AI (artificial intelligence) to fight cybercrime against companies.

“It is clear that we are now in the middle of a cyberarms race, and the battleground is going to be within network of each company and we are going to witness a battle against algorithms,” claimed Nicole Eagan, CEO and co-founder at Darktrace, to the media in an interview.

“We are going to see hackers beef up their artificial intelligence and mathematical algorithms and we are going to witness the defenders performing the same. And this is going to possibly carry on for some time period. We anticipate in fact that is going to get even worse before it turns better.”

The answer to dealing with such dangers is AI. “The AI technology by Darktrace is software that can operate in a corporate network, in a cloud, in a power facility, or in a manufacturing plant floor,” claims Eagan. Users normally ink a multiyear subscription that comprises the AI cyberdefense tool as well as authorization to experts from Darktrace. It deals with dangers from hackers gaining authorization to computer networks of the company though internet linked devices to upset firm insiders employing their position to take benefit of firm’s networks.

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