iPhones Don’t Hear Your Conversation’, Claims Apple

Few days ago, the members of HECC had issued the letter to the Apple after the reports that claimed iPhones along with the other devices like smart speakers are able to hear and record human conversations. However the company has responded to the allegations of those representatives by claiming that iPhones don’t hear to the conversations of the people and don’t share it with the third parties.

The Cupertino giant also tried to explain to the authorities that their customers aren’t the product of the company and the company’s business model doesn’t support the collection of personal information of the customers. In the letter, the authorities had particularly mentioned the reports that the apps of third parties were able to collect the information from its data devices when triggered with the hot words like ‘Okay Google’, ‘Hey Alexa’, and ‘Hey Siri’.

Even the Facebook was accused of the same in the congressional hearing in the month of April where Gary Peters, a senator asked Zuckerberg whether those social media platforms hear the conversations of the people and feed the ads accordingly. To which the chief of Facebook answered that they don’t and called these ideas as the conspiracy theories. Apple said that even if their devices help their users in their daily lives, they don’t listen to people.

Apple also claimed that what an iPhone understands is just the two trigger words ‘Hey Siri’. When the user triggers its voice assistant, it confirms at the first place whether its user really wants to use the feature and anything that he asks will be attached to the any device identifier randomly and not with the Apple ID. The device identifier can be changed by the user by switching the Siri off and again switching it on. In its letter to the authorities, Apple also gave away some information regarding the handling of the location information.

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