YouTube App Material Design Is Not Sufficient For Apple TV, What More?

The design language referred to as “Material Design” by Google is what the developers have considered while updating the YouTube App for Apple TV, that is been actively used since 2014. A lot of Android apps, which as the most prominent applications like drive, Docs, and Sheets, have implied the machine design, and it finally covered YouTube App for Apple TV in February 2018.

However, it was quite unfortunate that the YouTube app designed by ignoring the whole concept of inertia rather use the touchpad of remote control like a usual directional pad, just like a video game remote control.

And this thing leads to the inconsistency and unresponsive. You generally require to just swiping left or right to rewind or forward it, but when you are using YouTube app, what you just do is to press again and again to do the intended use.

A lot of times, working with the same design in all across different platforms creates a great user experience. When you have used a device on one device, you have the know-how of working with it on any other platform as well.

The issue here is that all the devices are not built in the same way. Few of the systems like Android and iPhone devices depends on touch controls and other devices like PCs use mouse and keyboards for inputs, and even there are devices which work best with voice controls like the streaming devices.

It is a high time for Google to understand the features of Apple TV which makes it different than other when it is planning to design/re-design the YouTube app for it. Apple TV is creating a huge impact on effective and efficient user experience with the introduction of inertial functionality in their remote control.

Google and YouTube have done at par excellent job with material design, now they just require to work on flexibility.

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