Facebook Dating Making Things More Genuine With 5 Gender Options

In recent days, Facebook has come up with more new features and updates in their existing system to make the user experience more interactive and relevant. Recently the social media giant introduced features like managing the time spent on social media platform and venture into making money through WhatsApp. Facebook is now taking steps in making the Dating app relevant and a place to find a serious relationship by selecting the desired gender choice among 5 introduced.

As per sources, the Social networking giant is recently testing its newly created dating feature within the organization. The new rollout, though, will not going to be accessible like an independent application but will be offered as a special section in the primary app of social media platform. Right now, testing is being executed by the employees of Facebook internally.

In addition to this, the newest invention of the social media giant venturing in the online dating, this seems to be more effective in finding more genuine partners instead of just flings. The users who have participated can turn on the new feature, where only the users who have also activated the feature just as you can see you and vice versa. Along with this, the participants now have the ability to select the one from 5 different genders, like a man, Trans man, Trans woman, woman and non-binary people.

The users can also activate events or group inside the Facebook Dating to create and build a more social environment. There is no involvement of features like swiping; participants are allowed to directly send messages to each other over Messenger or on WhatsApp.

The app will make the matches as well depend on the data shared by the users on Facebook. For now, only the users who are at least 18 years or more can register on Facebook Dating.

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