AAP Urge Parents To Stop Microwaving & Dishwashing Plastic Containers

The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) is looking forward to making some serious federal food safety rules, especially in the case of children. The committee warned parents and guardians to avoid dishwashing and microwaving of plastic containers that have the hazardous chemicals.

As per a published report last week, the medical experts found a lot of proofs of chemicals present in food color, food packaging materials as well as in preservatives.

Lead author, Leonardo Trasande, shared with USA Today, “The report does not only have the secured and required measures that the medical professionals should talk about with the families and parents, but it as well as the step and precautionary measures that FDA should consider, as well as the manufacturer should as well consider, to limit the use of chemicals as much as possible to avoid any health hazard for the young ones.”

As per the AAP, the most significant thing which the parents should look into is that heating plastic containers and bottles in microwave increase the possibilities of leaking the harmful chemicals.

As per the report, plastic containers with recycling codes such as 3 that is used for phthalates, or let it be 6 that is referred for bisphenols and/or if it is 7 dedicated for bisphenols should be completely ignored. Stainless steel or Glass containers reported safe for using in place.

Megan McSeveney, press officer, shared with USA Today that the United States’ FDA department is analyzing the report outcomes. She also shared a point that utilizing the additives which are recognized as safe to use by FDA is really safe to use if done as per directions.

If the new analysis shows any proof that the substance of additive is harmful, the FDA has all rights reserved to change the earlier guidelines as well as the need that the utilization of the substance of additives, in this case, should be reduced or completely stopped.

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