Apple Inadvertently Revealed The Essential Change In New iPhone

The new iPhone model of Apple has no secrets to tell, and it is also publicized that the new model with lots of radical updates is also the cheapest Apple device to date. But the company still has some surprise to reveal, that they accidentally leaked.

The mystery was found by the Guilherme Rambo, 9to5MAC that Apple is planning to build the new iPhone X Plus, as the first ever dual SIM iPhone for the users. How can we say that? We can because; it was hard code by Apple itself into iOS 12.

Hidden inside the iOS 12 beta 5, Rambo discovered some of the references pointing towards the second SIM status and 2nd SIM tray information in the diagnosing report of the software.  However, it later reveals that Apple is going to offer 2 physical SIM slots, in spite of 1 as it used to do earlier.

At this point, however, it is not yet clears that only iPhone X plus is going to have this feature and support, or the second generation iPhone9 or iPhone X can also possible as well have this feature. As the second SIM slot is covering a lot of space, we can as on now assume that it can be exclusively for iPhone X plus. This reason can be a solid background of justifying the higher quoted price for the device.

If we leave Apple, dual SIM is not a milestone thing. The feature and functionality are very popular all over the world as they give services to the devices users to have a home and work SIMs together within single devices.

As we have discussed the dual sim, which at some point of time is considering as a crucial risk for iPhone X Plus devices, it is pleasing to experience the kind of effort, the company is making to make the experience adventurous and joyous for users.

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