Council Agrees To Seize The Bird Scooters And Urge To Make It Legal

On the Morning of Tuesday, the Common Council of Milwaukee sanctioned a rule that allows the impound authority of city on motorized Bird scooters those entered in the city, by sending the rulebook to the Tom Barrett, Mayor, Milwaukee.

A representative from the mayor office said that the Mayor would sign the sent measure before the day ends; though, he also supports the alternative of new transportation.

On the other hand, aldermen independently sanctioned a resolution which is designed to make an appeal to the state authorities for legalizing the motorized bird scooters same as the one that Santa Monica-based Bird brought to the Milwaukee region.

Aldermen got 12 against 2 votes in the chambers where around dozen supporters of the vehicle first gathered outside the City Hall with the signboard and a slogan, keep the scooters. Khalif Rainey and Tony Zielinski were among the 2 voters who are not in agreement with the proposal.

The proposed proposal, however, was not claiming an immediate banning of the scooters as well as it took out the provision of penalty, but it holds the point to maintain the control in hands of city authorities that they can seize the scooters if seen publically.

The city authorities start gathering the vehicles in the upcoming 7-10 days and the Bird rider needs to pay a fine of $100 for recovering the user.

On Monday the Mayor told to Sentinel, Milwaukee Journal that he is in support of the newly introduced transportation alternative and would permit the state leaders to look into the issue.

The representative from Bird said that the action taken by the council is in reply to its understanding of the state law. However, Bird has filed a lawsuit and concerning a judge to look into the matter and sanction the continuation of business operations.

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