Google To Assist You Write Docs Correctly Without Grammatical Mistakes

Google is experimenting on a fresh tool dubbed as “grammar suggestions” for Google Docs (its word processor app). This tool will be incorporated directly into the spell-checking tool to assist consumers avoid grammatical mistakes.

The latest tool that will highlight and underline probable grammatical mistakes with a blue line, is in the testing phase and has been made obtainable to qualified applicants of Google’s EAP (Early Adopter Program), reported Android Headlines this week.

The complete-featured checker will permit consumers to wait until they have ended typing up a file prior to correcting any probable errors. The real-time checker will automatically process through the underlined phrases or words and the consumer will have the alternative to either fix or ignore the errors.

“Google claims that its grammar checker is fueled by the same ML (Machine Learning) algorithms as its natural language search and spelling checker feature. This indicates that the tools must incessantly enhance over time and as more consumers take benefit of it,” the report claimed. The Office software by Microsoft also integrates a similar “grammar check” feature to keep up the speed in the document editing sector.

On a related note, Google is gearing up for the roll out is its next-gen Pixel handsets, which will arrive with the newest editions of Android OS. Keeping the roll out timeline in mind the tech behemoth has now rolled out the Android P’s final developer preview. The beta 4 or developer Preview 5 or for Android P is the most steady version and you can put your hands on it before the next month’s final launch.

The company has claimed that the beta 4 for Android P integrates all the final system behaviors. This indicates that the functions that are fraction of this update are absolutely arriving to the upcoming version.

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