Lyft And Uber Terminated Driver Of For Live Streaming Passenger On Twitch With Out Their Consent

The driver photographed and sent his passengers and his interactions with him on Twitch, a service that is often used for streaming video, according to the report of St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The newspaper reported that the fever sometimes indicated the full names and places of residence of the passengers, as well as intimate moments and personal conversations.

Meanwhile, the public will comment on their speeches and conversations.

But here is the turning point; it is completely legal despite the ethical problems related to the personal inviolability of the passengers.

This is owing to Missouri’s so-called known one-way consent, in which a participant in the conversation must know that the record is taking place to make it legal.

However, the report draws attention to the fact that the two companies in the investigation have disabled the driving accounts.

In a statement, an Uber representative said, “Disruptive behavior in the video violated its community’s protocol owing to which driver’s access to the application was withdrawn until we evaluate the partnership with Uber.”

Alexandra LaManna, a Lyft representative said, “The safety and comfort of the Lyft community is our highest priority and we’ve disabled this driver.”

In an earlier statement, Lyft noted that drivers must mandatorily obey all the applicable local regulations and laws, including the use of a recording device.”

Uber also notes a similar policy on its website, stating that its drivers can use video cameras to record for their own safety, subject to local rules requiring rider’s permission.

In response to the overall recording and live streaming, the driver said the camera was installed for his security reasons along with the consent on the window stating that the car is integrated with audio and video recording devices for safety purpose. However, while talking with the passengers who were fed live after entering the car, stated that they didn’t like the whole concept of live streaming and felt it quiet disturbing.

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