Google Extends Its Placement Services To The UK

Google has revised its recruitment services and has extended it to the UK as well. Apart from the global sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn, it will be available to the local versions like, Guardian Jobs, Reed, and Haymarket.

The latest facility will enable the aspirants to seek the relevant jobs as per the jobs posted, location, and the necessary terms mentioned on the job searching window. However, a few of the experts believe this tie-up may end up with negative results. Initially, Google won’t charge a penny from the sites which will conjugate with it.

Currently, the users will have to click on the individual jobs posted by the third-party sites to be able to apply. The experts are also expecting the said arrangement to change with time.

The Editor of a renowned magazine People Management, Robert Jeffrey, stated that Google is the most seamless path to the internet. The popularity of the US tech giant has compelled the other job service portals to be a part of this elaborate platform. It may also charge for the premium services.

The Google for Jobs is already available in the countries like the US, a few portions of Africa, and Spain that aids in seeking the most appropriate jobs for the aspirants. Google has conjugated with numerous smaller firms along with the renowned job listing sites.

Joy Xi, the Product Manager, stated that this deal will enable the job seekers to search for jobs on an elaborate platform while the employers will get an opportunity to reach the most relevant candidate. There are other advantages associated with the latest facility. The smart search presented by Google ensures the job seekers select the most relevant option after filtering through numerous options. On the other hand, indeed, the giant job portal has refused to share the information with the site.

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