Earth Might Be Hiding A Quadrillion Tons Of Diamond Beneath The Surface

There have been reports suggesting that more than quadrillion tons of diamonds may be present inside the earth’s core. This study was published by the journal Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems in June suggesting that Earth might have possession of diamonds a thousand times more than it previously thought. Although, they are said to be located about 145 to 240 kilometers (90 to 150 miles) deep inside the earth surface, which makes the stash unreachable. They are said to be located in a huge section of rocks which is also called as roots of cartons.

A researchers’ group from various universities around the globe found out the presence of glitzy stash by looking at seismic waves below the earth. Depending upon the density, composition and temperature of rocks that the seismic waves hit, the vibrations can change. The researchers use the readings to build a picture of the Earth’s interior that cannot be reached. Using the records of seismic wave energy, the team designed a 3D model of velocities of seismic waves passing through the earth’s major cartons. The virtual rocks were created from different combinations of various minerals and the speed of seismic waves was calculated inside each of these combinations. It was found that 1 to 2% of these roots were made up of diamonds, while the rest was made up of peridotite which is the main type of rock in upper mantle of the earth. But the researchers also said that the data they found was best explained by diamond but they cannot say this with absolute certainty.

If this data, by any chance is true, then the most precious mineral isn’t that special after-all. The mineral that humans use to profess love because of its uniqueness, might not be unique. However, the probability to reach out for diamonds that deep is quite low.

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