China-Friendly Censorship Of Apple Resulted In An iPhone-Crashing Bug

An iOS bug has been discovered that crashes iPad, iPod, and iPhone touch models in few parts whenever the word Taiwan was typed or the “Taiwan” flag emoji was received. This susceptibility was speckled on iOS 11.3, though has obtained a fix via the update iOS 11.4.1. A previous NSA security researcher, Patrick Wardle, who discovered the bug, pinpointed that the code was perhaps owing to iPhones censorship features in China region.

As per Wardle, the code was written to eliminate the references to the name of the country as well as its flag emoji in specific regions from iOS. However, rather than seeing this as absent from the collection, there was an issue with the code that observed Taiwan or Taiwan flag as unacceptable input making the iPad or iPhone to break down. The devices would break down if the “Taiwan” word was typed through WhatsApp, iMessage, and similar applications, or if the Taiwan flag emoji was obtained via any of these applications.

Wardle states the bug had been for more than 2 Years. This crashing bug resulted in service attack denial, and basically, anyone can cause somebody’s iPhone to break down in the area by sending the Taiwan flag emoji. This problem was recognized by Emojipedia that was cited stating that the Taiwan flag was concealed if the device location was set to China by an Apple user. Apple devices, for Chinese users, would display a missing character tofu instead of the Taiwan flag emoji.

Now Apple has fixed the problem with the recent update iOS 11.4.1. Wardle cautioned about the problem in June, and the firm has rolled out a patch now. Apart from this, Apple, later this year, could introduce face identification for iPad, larger smartwatches, and a long-awaited upgrade for the Mac mini, as predicted by Ming-Chi Kuo, a top Apple analyst.

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