Google And Apple Questioned By Congress Members Regarding User Tracking

CEOs of Alphabet and Apple have been sent letters by the Top House Republicans of the Energy and Commerce Committee. They have requested them to respond to queries regarding the data collection through their devices—such as location data, emails, and voices of the users.

The notes, addressed to Larry Page of Alphabet and Tim Cook of Apple, are partly a reaction to previous reports that mentioned Google allows the third-party apps to get into Gmail data of the user. The letter to Google also mentions a November 2017 report that stated it tracked locations of Android users even when location services were put out of action on their devices.

The Committee, in a press release, also solicited both firms for replies to the following remarks on whether our devices are really eavesdropping in on our talks.

“Recent reports have also proposed that smartphone devices can, and in few cases, do, gather ‘non-triggered’ audio details from the conversations of users near a smartphone so as to listen to a ‘trigger’ phrase, for instance, ‘hey Siri’ or ‘okay Google.’ Also, it has been proposed that third-party apps have access to and utilize this ‘non-triggered’ information without revelation to users.”

Although last week the key heat concentrated on Google and Alphabet, its parent firm; also the lawmakers are pushing Apple to disclose regarding what sort of access third-parties have via the App Store. The letters remind the companies’ CEOs of their pledges to user privacy and enclose numerous questions concerning their practices.

In a statement, Google said, “Protecting the privacy of our users and securing their details is of supreme significance. We look forward to responding to the questions of the Committee.”

Page and Cook are deemed to reply by July 23. Also, a complaint is being filed against Cook and Co. in northern California’s US federal district court that logs a breach of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

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