NFL May Permit Teams to Wear Alternates Thrice

Although “Color Rush” as a trick might have become dead, but there is no change in the uniforms and they are not going away. In fact, there is a possibility that they will become more prevalent in some areas.

Albert Breer of proclaimed that the NFL has taken the decision to permit players to dress in their color rush sports shirts or alternate/throwback jerseys for three times for a season.

As per the previous rules, the team was allowed for throwbacks two times and color rush for only one time. In some places, that was two or three as well. The league has decided to ditch the necessity that teams wear them for Thursday night games. Now, teams are allowed to wear the alternate uniform(s) as per their choice up to three times, in total.

However, it is also said to be a marketing opportunity for teams that actually like the homochromatic look. They also can have alternate choices that people actually appreciate.

On a related note, reportedly, the sources familiar with the proceedings explained Yahoo Sports that the NFL is trying to force Colin Kaepernick’s collusion case against the league to a shutdown.

As per a subsection of Article 17, the portion of the collective-bargaining agreement that states about the collusion cases, the NFL has appealed that arbitrator Stephen Burbank should provide a summary judgment in the case.

The recent request puts the future aspects of this case in the hands of Burbank. Now, Burbank needs to decide whether Kaepernick’s legal team has revealed satisfactory evidence to continue the quarterback’s action against the league.

If Burbank rules that Kaepernick’s attorneys have discovered evidence to move toward a hearing, the case will carry on further, probably with the added depositions. If he uncovers that the present discovery proof is not sufficient to advance, he has an authority to discharge the case in favor of the NFL.

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