Kristen Doute Believes James Kennedy Is Cheating On Raquel

Kristen Doute from Vanderpump Rules is strongly believing that James Kennedy is cheating on Raquel Leviss, his girlfriend. Kristen asked at her launch party for James Mae Collection on June 28 if people really believe that James is being loyal to Raquel and stated that she doesn’t think so. She added that just how she had stated at the reunion, she doesn’t believe so and her stance has remained unchanged since the reunion. She stated that she has stopped being in vicinity of James and emphasized that there is nothing that James could do that would make her think any other way about her feelings previous year.

Kristen dated James, who is a 26 year old DJ, from the time when season 2 of Vanderpump Rules ended in 2014 till season 4 in 2015. She advised Raquel via media to run hard and fast from him.

The fans are aware of the unrest in the relationship between Raquel and James and hence this advice from Kristen is not very surprising. There have been a lot of accusations for cheating and offensive arguments. James has always refused cheating Raquel at any point of time and also very recently at the time of reunion of season 6.

At this occasion, Kirsten clarified the gossip about the line of t-shirt by her named James Mae that the same has been named after her ex. She stated that the same is named after her nephew and niece. She also stated that she feels that the name has a beautiful appeal to it and is gender neutral to a great extent, something that she had looked forward to having in the brand since there was a redevelopment of the brand. She added that although the brand is mainly intended for women, they provide tees for men as well.

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