House Declined the Second GOP Immigration Bill

A Republican compromise bill on immigration was rejected by the House on Wednesday. It received 121 out of 300 votes. Finally, it ended a months-long GOP drama that had highlighted internal politics of the conference.

The measure received very few GOP votes than a more hard-line measure that was rejected last week in a 193-231 vote.

The bill was supported by only 121 Republicans’ votes, compared to 193 for the previous measure. Two Republicans did not participate in the voting process on Wednesday, on the other hand, about 112 Republicans chose to vote against it.

The bill votes were postponed twice so that the Republicans would get more time to win support for the measure that was opposed by Democrats.

Lastly, the U.S. President explained on Twitter proclaiming that Republicans should not waste their time since the bill was witnessed as dead on its arrival in the Senate.

The compromise bill could provide a way to nationality for so-called Dreamers. It is the problem that directed centrist Republicans to initiate a discharge petition to force a series of votes on immigration.

A Discharge petition is a technique to get around the House leadership that forces a vote. Members in the majority rarely use such type of petitions. Democrats supported those Republicans who pushed the discharge petition to increase pressure on GOP leaders.

Both the earlier decisions, to vote on the hard-line immigration measure and the compromise bill, were a part of a deal within the GOP conference that successfully canceled the petition.

On a similar note, the Department of Defense proclaimed on Wednesday that the government has asked the organization to offer shelter and care to a migrant “family population of up to 12,000 people.” This appeal was made as the Trump administration seeks to arrest people who were caught while entering the United States illegally.

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