Apple Might Soon Make iPhones To Recognize Your Handwriting

Technology firms are recognized to operate behind-the-scenes on all kinds of technology but not all become success. When it comes to patent filing, there is little association between a firm filing a patent and for that function to essentially turn into an actuality. A latest patent has disclosed that Apple might just be operating on conveying recognition of handwriting to its smartphones.

As per a report, a patent filed by the Cupertino-based firm in February 2014 was issued today by Patent and Trademark Office of the U.S. The patent is dubbed as “Managing Real-Time Handwriting Recognition” and additionally discloses that it is for a mechanism for offering input functionality of handwriting on a consumer device.

The description of the patent also claims that the recognition of handwriting will support various languages, comprising Chinese. As we cited before, it is not certain whether this function will come to Apple gadgets or not but it is clear that Apple appears to be operating on the idea. Whether it will arrive to just the smartphone or different Apple gadgets is also not certain.

While recognition of handwriting might or might not turn into a reality for the firm, one item that is set to be rolled out is the AirPower mat. A media report discloses that the wireless AirPower mat might just launch in September. It is anticipated that Apple will roll out 3 new handsets and with these iPhones, the AirPower mat might also become obtainable.

For those who are not aware, the AirPower mat has the ability to charge more than a single device simultaneously. This is something that the Qi wireless pad does not have since only one single device can be charged at a time. Using AirPower mat, Apple consumers will be capable of charging the Apple Watch, iPhone, and the AirPods all simultaneously.

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