A strategy to combat First Nations suicide in Saskatchewan

A motion on suicide prevention for First Nations was tabled on Thursday, the second day of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) annual meeting.

This is the first time a provincial strategy for this purpose has been developed by First Nations people for people in these communities.

To prevent suicide, the motion suggests no less than 75 actions to be taken, divided into 9 main commitments.

For example, it is recommended that children and young people be better equipped to deal with negative emotions, and to strengthen care with regard to addiction and addiction problems.

Too many of our young people are losing hope in Saskatchewan, particularly in the North. Something has to be done.

David Pratt, vice-chief of FSIN

This strategy also highlights the importance of achieving health equity between First Nations and non-Aboriginal people.

In this report, David Pratt recalls that the figures for Aboriginal suicide in the province are alarming and continue to grow.

Between 2005 and 2016, 30% of those who committed suicide were First Nations, excluding cases where ethnicity is unknown.

The suicide rate among First Nations people in Saskatchewan is 4.3 times higher than non-Aboriginal people in the province, while rates are even higher among youth.

The vice-chief indicated that he has the support of the Minister of Aboriginal Services and Crown-Aboriginal Relations and Northern Affairs.

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