Calgary attracts more tourists

The number of people visiting Calgary in 2017 increased by 3.7% over the previous year, says the city’s promotional agency, Tourism Calgary.

This increase reflects the decline in the number of business travelers who have moved less frequently in the municipality in response to the recession caused by the drop in oil prices about three years ago.

However, the City found that 6,983,700 people traveled to Calgary in 2017. “We had good weather and Canada Day, which saw a lot of people move around the country,” says Cindy Ady. the CEO of Tourism Calgary.

25% of business people

For a long time, about a quarter of the visitors to Calgary were business people, says Ms. Ady, while they are only 11 to 12% in other Canadian cities. After the recession, the municipality wanted to look at a more balanced economy.

Calgary Tourism helped convince people to visit the Rockies and the rest of the province from the city. They also seem to like the pandas of the Calgary Zoo.

The tourism industry contributed $1.6 billion to the Calgary economy in 2017.

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