Pipeline Dispute: BC Will Ask Courts to Decide

The British Columbia government will ask the courts to clarify the scope of its right to protect its shores against bitumen spills, Premier John Horgan said in a news conference.

“We believe it is in our rights to put in place measures to protect our environment, our economy and our coasts from the serious consequences of a diluted bitumen spill,” says Horgan.

British Columbia wants to confirm this right in court, says the Prime Minister.

The government will seek the assistance of legal experts to prepare for this request for referral to court.

Alberta suspends embargo

Premier Rachel Notley reiterates Thursday that British Columbia does not have the constitutional right to go against a federal decision. She says she’s sure the court will agree.

“Alberta will not back down in this battle,” says the Premier, even though she decides to lift the ban on British Columbia wine imports pending removal. For now, she plans to start buying British Columbia wine again.

The consultation period

John Horgan took advantage of the press briefing to announce that the consultation period on risk assessment and a strategy for a diluted bitumen spill will begin shortly.

The provincial government committed to it last January and that is, in fact, what caused the conflict between British Columbia and Alberta.

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