Federal subsidy for employee training in Manitoba

The Manitoba government announced Thursday the companies in the province that will receive a Canada job grant.

The announcement took place at the offices of Tactica Interactive, a strategy and multi-platform digital media company located in St. Boniface.

A total of 3,600 employees from 137 private companies across the province will benefit from nearly $8 million to improve their training, including HyLife.

As a result of this grant, companies can apply for funding for skills training to get work.

This can affect various areas such as truck and transport mechanics, carpentry and computer science.

Education and Training Minister Ian Wishart says grant programs like this one help tremendously in attracting people to Manitoba.

It’s a very successful program to keep Manitobans trained and to attract new people to Manitoba.

Ian Wishart, Minister of Education and Training

St. Boniface MP Daniel Vandal, who was on hand for the announcement, says many private employers in the province are benefiting from this grant this year. He is also pleased that the announcement is made in his riding.

For me, it’s always good when ministers and premiers recognize the importance of St. Boniface in Manitoba.

Daniel Vandal, Member of Parliament for Saint Boniface

Daniel Vandal explains that under this program the federal government funds training up to a maximum of $10,000.

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