Anti-G20 demonstrations: police want reinforcements

On Friday, police in Hamburg Germany requested reinforcements to face the many anti-G20 demonstrations in the city, which prevented the wife of the US president from leaving her hotel.

“The [reinforcement] request is under way”, it is a question of “alleviating the forces already engaged”, he said.

Riot police units in Berlin and the Schleswig-Holstein region, near Hamburg, in the north of the country, said they were preparing to send several hundred reinforcements.

Security forces have already mobilized more than 20,000 people to ensure security in Hamburg at the summit of leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies.

But the multitude of demonstrations for several days and clashes that broke out Thursday night and continued Friday, the day of the opening of the summit, puts the strengths to strain.

US president’s wife, Melania Trump, was kept locked up in his residence in Hamburg on Friday because of the many anti-G20 demonstrations in the city, the spokesman said.

“We have so far not been granted permission to leave the house by the police,” the spokeswoman told the German news agency DPA.

A source close to the Donald Trump delegation to the G20 confirmed this information to AFP.

Donald Trump and his wife reside in the Hamburg City-State Government House, a magnificent waterfront villa.

Due to the incidents and rallies, the G20 Leaders’ Wives program, in which Melania Trump participated, had to be modified.

M me Trump was unable to attend a boat cruise in the port city and a visit to a center on climate scheduled for midday was canceled and replaced by a debate in a Hamburg hotel, a source close Organisation.

As of Friday morning, several thousand demonstrators gathered around the strategic road junctions of the city of 1.7 million inhabitants in order to block the arrival of official delegations to the summit.

Clashes between anti-G20 demonstrators and law enforcement officials have been practically uninterrupted since Thursday night in the city.

Police reported that 159 of his agents had been injured to date in these incidents.

On Thursday evening, clashes had already pitted protesters against the police, making 111 light wounded among the police. Twenty-nine people were arrested and 15 were taken into custody.

According to the authorities, up to 100,000 protesters are expected to beat the pavement over several days, on the sidelines of the G20 summit, the first of Donald Trump, where the rulers argue over climate and trade.

The GPP police union condemned “massive attacks by violent extremist groups”, saying that “the self-proclaimed Black Blocks” had “diverted the peaceful demonstrations of tens of thousands of people to deliberately attack To the police.

And they are not at the end of their trouble: the biggest demonstration in numbers is expected Saturday. Until the end the summit risks giving the image of a besieged fortress.

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