PETA tries to make Céline Dion aware of the plight of animals

While Céline Dion has done a lot of talking about a picture on which she appears scantaly clad on the cover of Vogue magazine, it is rather a picture on which she is dressed in a long python skin coat that caused the reaction of Animal Welfare Organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

The photo, taken on June 28 at the the Royal Monceau Raffles in Paris, shows a Balmain set worth more than $ 25,000 including the famous coat, a t-shirt adorned with ‘A head of tiger and long suede boots.

“A snake-skin coat represents the death of several snakes, which are killed by nailing them to trees or by pumping large quantities of water into the body to release their skin before skinning them, often “They are still alive,” said Lisa Lange, senior vice president of PETA, in an e-mail exchange with Le Soleil .

The organization confirmed that it would try to sensitize the singer of Quebec to the fate of the animals after this episode.

“Céline Dion has the world at her fingertips and it would be so easy for her to show compassion for animals by wearing fake snake clothes, crocodile or any other chic vegan option,” Lange continues.


PETA on Wednesday sent a card to Céline Dion to congratulate her on the day she appeared in the python coat, a Givenchy fake leather overalls worth close to $ 2,000.

“We have just sent her a thank-you card for wearing this faux leather overall and we will most likely discuss this issue (the python coat) with her,” added Katie Arth, Deputy Director of Relations with Media at PETA.

This is not the first time that PETA has asked celebrities about their clothing choices. In May the organization sent a faux fur coat to the singer Rihanna and suggested that she leave her fur coats after seeing her wear one on a cruise organized by the Dior house.

In December 2016, Canadian singer Justin Bieber was spotted by PETA after being photographed wearing a thick fur coat in Los Angeles.

The company’s dealings have already convinced several stars to put aside the fur and leather, including actress Eva Mendes, model Evelyn Lozada and even Sharon Osbourne, wife and manager of metal singer Ozzy Osbourne.

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